An Ice-cream War Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Part One, Chapters One through Three

* An Ice Cream War tells the story of how World War I affects the lives of many characters in both Europe and Africa. The characters include British, German, and American characters (both men and women).

* These characters are pulled into a war they do not fully understand and their lives are forever altered.

* Walter Smith meets Erich and Liesl Von Bishop on a train traveling to their farms in British East Africa.

* All of the characters dismiss the significance of a possible war.

Part One, Chapters Four through Six

* Felix attends the wedding of his brother, Gabriel.

* Felix meets for the first time Gabriel's fiance, Charis.

* Charis is disappointed with the sex on her honeymoon with Gabriel.

* Gabriel reads about the war starting in a newspaper and cuts their honeymoon ten days short.

Part Two, Chapters One through Three

* Walter refuses to...

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