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Rick Atkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fredendall's orders to Ward titled "Defense of Faid Position" were based on a poor knowledge of the area and threatened what prospect for the Allied forces?
(a) To be marooned on two hills that were too far away from one another to offer any mutual support.
(b) Allied forces would be stuck in a battle of attrition that could not be won given their size.
(c) Concentrate the forces in the lowest point of the valley where Axis fire could be concentrated.
(d) Forces would be spread in a long line that would offer multiple weak spots that would be difficult to fill.

2. Terry Allen tipped the Allied hand regarding Ultra by doing what?
(a) In retreating, left the code book which was captured.
(b) Broadcasted a message to the Germans over a 10th Panzer radio frequency.
(c) Under a temporary truce, delivered copies of the intercepts to Rommel in hopes Rommel would surrender.
(d) Flaunted the fact in front of a German capture who later escaped.

3. What two defects in planning for Longstop does the author point out?
(a) Expected tanks to take steep terrain and attacked with insufficient force.
(b) Placed artillery too distant for accuracy and turned down air support.
(c) Used green troops and insufficient artillery.
(d) Underestimated the size of the enemy and misread the terrain.

4. Who is the German aristocratic colonel captured by allies who later planned a bomb plot against Hitler?
(a) Herman Goring.
(b) Joseph S. Frelinghuysen.
(c) Claus von Stauffenberg.
(d) Hans-Jurgen von Arnim.

5. What was Fredendall's success in securing Faid Pass, Sened Station and Maknassy?
(a) In securing no objectives.
(b) In securing Maknassy and Sened Station both, but losing Faid Pass
(c) In securing all objectives.
(d) In securing Faid Pass but neither Sened Station or Maknassy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the 904 men Moore had led on a daring night escape, eventually, how many made it to safety?

2. What did Arnim do to undermine Rommel's attack on Le Kef and his designees on Tebessa?

3. What did the H.M.S. Bulolo deliver to Casablanca to assist the British in their cause?

4. According to the author, how had Eisenhower been "outflanked" by the British in the Casablanca conference?

5. What percentage of Panzers taking part of OCHSENKOPF were either destroyed or disabled?

Short Essay Questions

1. Old Mac's counterattack at Faid Pass was probably too small a force, but what other mistake did Old Mac make in putting forth the attack?

2. Characteristic of his history of fighting half measures, what command objective did Fredendall insert in Ward's attack plan on Maknassy pass? And how was it answered by Arnim?

3. What prescient claim of General 'Santa Clause' Everlegh's would turn out to be true, but not in the way he had hoped?

4. What controversial proclamation was made by Roosevelt that Churchill later, and probably falsely, claimed had caught him short?

5. As the Allied forces fell into a "stuck-everywhere" period Patton started a row with Allied air for neglecting troops air cover. Due to this complaint, Patton was visited by the two most senior Allied airmen in North Africa. What punctuated this meeting?

6. How was Longstop positioned so that it represented a strategic point?

7. Why was Fredendall's defense plan for Faid Pass considered a World War I defense?

8. General Harold Alexander is introduced in Chapter 9, what was his position and what was his mission?

9. In Chapter Six, the assassination of Admiral Darlan is explained. Describe the Assassin's political cause.

10. What new artillery techniques did the American gunners utilize in routing the 10th Panzers from El Guettar?

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