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Rick Atkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Longstop?
(a) The code name of the Allied attempt to take the Medjerda valley.
(b) A flanking technique utilzed by Allied tanks to break a blitzkreig.
(c) A key highway moving through a desert pass.
(d) A hill in the Medjerda valley offering a strategic vantage point, named after a cricket term.

2. What was done to mollify Eisenhowers' indignation at the changes made to command structure at the Casablanca conference?
(a) The RAF provided an additional 100 aircraft and the promise of air superiority.
(b) He was given another star.
(c) A detailed plan for improving troop provisioning was installed.
(d) The French were removed from all high level command positions.

3. Fredendall's orders to Ward titled "Defense of Faid Position" were based on a poor knowledge of the area and threatened what prospect for the Allied forces?
(a) Allied forces would be stuck in a battle of attrition that could not be won given their size.
(b) To be marooned on two hills that were too far away from one another to offer any mutual support.
(c) Concentrate the forces in the lowest point of the valley where Axis fire could be concentrated.
(d) Forces would be spread in a long line that would offer multiple weak spots that would be difficult to fill.

4. Eisenhower promoted Clark to take command of the new 5th Army, who filled the vacancy to command II Corps?
(a) General George S. Patton.
(b) Major General Omar N. Bradley.
(c) Major General Lloyd Fredendall.
(d) General Harold Alexander.

5. What aspect of command played an important part in the Axis' stalling operation OCHSENKOPF?
(a) Arnim's pessimism.
(b) Kesselring's optimism.
(c) Rommel's risk taking.
(d) Hitler's distractions in Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. The code name OCHSENKOPF stands for what?

2. What plan did the British press on their American counterparts during the conference?

3. Of the 904 men Moore had led on a daring night escape, eventually, how many made it to safety?

4. What two defects in planning for Longstop does the author point out?

5. Which state was disproportionately hit with casualties in the War in North Africa?

Short Essay Questions

1. Rather than focusing on Faid Pass, to what area did Fredendall unsoundly direct the Allied efforts?

2. What character trait made Robinett a difficult officer to command?

3. What controversial proclamation was made by Roosevelt that Churchill later, and probably falsely, claimed had caught him short?

4. What new artillery techniques did the American gunners utilize in routing the 10th Panzers from El Guettar?

5. The success of Fruhlingswind had what effect what brother plan?

6. What prescient claim of General 'Santa Clause' Everlegh's would turn out to be true, but not in the way he had hoped?

7. Describe the ancient city Eisenhower visited while the attack in Sidi Bou Zid was taking place?

8. What two peculiarities does the author use to characterize Major General Orlando Ward?

9. What was the first administrative struggle Patton faced when taking over II Corps?

10. How did the Axis 'draft' Tunisian Jews for work details around Bizerte and Tunis?

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