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Rick Atkinson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plan did the British press on their American counterparts during the conference?
(a) To feed troops the the Russian front and start diplomatic talks with Italy.
(b) The plan to postpone a frontal assault across the English Channel in favor of an attack on Italy or Southern France.
(c) To press for an immediate attack on Sicily and postpone the push on Tunis.
(d) To redistribute troops for an attack on southern France and fight defensively in North Africa.

2. The American route by Arnim was successful to the point of making Rommel's attack Morgenluft negligible. What strategic objective in Tebessa did Rommel have his eye on?
(a) The Pass.
(b) The AFHQ.
(c) The supply depot.
(d) The Allied air fields.

3. What battle was referred to as "the first perfect battle" for the Allies?
(a) Matmata.
(b) Kesserine.
(c) Medenine.
(d) Tebaga Gap.

4. President Roosevelt mad the following statement in a press conference; "The elimination of German, Japanese, and Italian war power means the unconditional surrender of Germany, Italy, and Japan." What was Churchill's response?
(a) He agreed for the sake of the alliance, but was personally concerned about the repurcussions.
(b) He agreed, but only after a moment of consideration.
(c) He disagreed, but amicably.
(d) He agreed, but claimed to be suprised by the proclamation.

5. How was SATIN a change in strategy for the Allies?
(a) It changed the objective from capturing Bizerte & Tunis to destroying Rommel's army.
(b) It prioritized taking out Sicilian air bases and postponed the push for Tunis.
(c) It placed emphasis on tank battle and resulted in the issuance of thousands of bazookas.
(d) It shifted the focus from a ground battle to an air and naval battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ultra was able to intercept a German message that informed them the 21st Panzer Division had been ordered forward and that Sunday was to a-day for an operation by Arnim's Fifth Panzer Army. What vital piece of information was missing that would have better prepared the Allies?

2. What mistake did Anderson initially repeat at Fondouk gap?

3. What did Ward, Robinette and Dickson try to convince Fredendall, Eisenhower and Anderson of?

4. By January 24th 1943, heavy French casualties and prisoner-of-war-losses prompted what important change of heart in the French command?

5. What did the German's rename Longstop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was 'Texas?'

2. As the Allied forces fell into a "stuck-everywhere" period Patton started a row with Allied air for neglecting troops air cover. Due to this complaint, Patton was visited by the two most senior Allied airmen in North Africa. What punctuated this meeting?

3. General Harold Alexander is introduced in Chapter 9, what was his position and what was his mission?

4. The success of Fruhlingswind had what effect what brother plan?

5. Why did Terry Allen order Bill Darby's rangers on a secret mission to attack the defile held by enemy artillery recently routed from Gafsa?

6. Old Mac's counterattack at Faid Pass was probably too small a force, but what other mistake did Old Mac make in putting forth the attack?

7. What character trait made Robinett a difficult officer to command?

8. In the battle at Mareth, Montgomery made a mid-battle change of plans that his admirers consider one of the boldest decisions of his career. What was the decision?

9. What decision did General Omar Bradley help Eisenhower to make by giving him a frank opinion on 'the command here?'

10. What was the goal of operation SATIN?

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