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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What impasse was surmounted in the deliberations in Casablanca that helped lead to an agreed upon plan to win the war?
(a) The desire of the British to defeat Rommel as a first priority.
(b) The desire of the American contingent to defeat Japan first.
(c) The desire of the British contingent to immediately make a cross-channel invasion.
(d) The desire of the American contingent to comprimise Russia.

2. According to the author, about how much of his time did Eisenhower spend worrying about political issues at the expense of the Allied cause?
(a) 1/4.
(b) 1/2.
(c) 3/4.
(d) 3/5.

3. What encounter occurred on November 26th, one day after the successful raid on the airport in Djedeida, between newly outfitted Panzers and John Water's First Battalion, and is considered a 'draw' by the author?
(a) The first of multiple attempts for Americans to take Couigui Pass.
(b) The first strategic ambush by Germans using French troops as bait.
(c) The defining battle for air superiority in Tunisia.
(d) The first tank battle of World War II.

4. According to the author, General Patton had condensed his extensive study of history and military art down to one manifesto. What was it?
(a) "Survival in battle is for the lucky; it's a soldier's duty to die."
(b) "Divide and conquer."
(c) "Establish a unified front and push until their back is against the wall."
(d) "Violent attacks everywhere with everything."

5. General Sir Alan Brooke, chief of the Imperial General Staff, had strong opinions about Eisenhower. Which statement best represents his opinion?
(a) "Eisenhower is the only person capable of bringing this mess together."
(b) "Eisenhower as a general is hopeless! He submerges himself in politics and neglects his military duties."
(c) "A great politician; a mediocre commander. He will need more than faith to win this war."
(d) "He is singularly responsible for this mess and should be demoted to Lieutenant."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was operation RESERVIST?

2. According to troops in Tunisia during the winter of 42-43, how did Stuka time and Spitfire time compare?

3. In contrast to other offensives, in the taking Safi, the U.S. sustained casualties considered:

4. Why were the Vichy French fighting the Allies in North Africa?

5. What was operation WATCHTOWER?

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