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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promise did General Patton make to the President of the United States in the presence of Rear Admiral Hewitt?
(a) "The French will capitulate quickly."
(b) "I will leave the beaches either a conqueror or a corpse."
(c) "We will make the crossing without the loss of a single boat."
(d) "I will ride into battle on horseback."

2. The General Lee is described by the author as: "double the Stuart's weight, with a 75mm gun in the hull, a 35mm squirrel rifle in the turret, and four machine guns." What did the author describe as it's flaws?
(a) Too wide for city streets, poor at sand travel and expensive.
(b) Terrible range, accuracy and weakness from behind.
(c) Lack of forward armor, speed and maneuverability.
(d) Height, the large gun could traverse only a couple degrees and was set too low.

3. TORCH is considered by the author to have been:
(a) "The most daring amphibious operation in the history of modern warfare."
(b) "Poorly planned but excellently executed."
(c) "The single worst tactical decision of the war."
(d) "Primarily a diversionary tactic to relieve pressure on the Soviet Union."

4. In the naval battle of Casablanca, Hewitt faced El Hank. What was El Hank?
(a) The single German U boat deending the harbor on loan to the French.
(b) A coastal battery.
(c) An uniquely large and rapidly firing gun turret mounted on the Jean Bart, a french battleship.
(d) A captured then renamed American battleship.

5. What written warning from superiors did Commander Terry Allen burn?
(a) That the French should not be considered hostile.
(b) That aircover would not be provided.
(c) That the French would show resolve in repelling the attack.
(d) That the British planned to outflank him.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, about how much of his time did Eisenhower spend worrying about political issues at the expense of the Allied cause?

2. North Africa is where the Allies agreed on a policy of:

3. What decision by Rear Admiral Hewitt was considered "a brave decision, the decision of a commander," by Lord Lewis Mountbatten, the commander of British amphibious forces?

4. What was General Giraud's stated expectation upon reaching Gibraltar?

5. The shortages of necessities at the outset of Anderson's push East, inspired this quote: "The most important thing is never to be apart from your:

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