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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What French character was referred to as "a bad man with a narrow outlook and shifty eye," by Winston Churchill?
(a) Robert Murphy.
(b) General Giraurd.
(c) Admiral Darlan.
(d) General Mast.

2. What did Allen determine to do instead of following Colonel Greer's suggestion?
(a) Concentrate his troops and make one desperate last push.
(b) Bifurcate the city with tanks and take the high ground first.
(c) Bypass St. Cloud.
(d) Use air support and cover of night to take out specific enemy installations.

3. What best describes the enemy structure referred to as the 'Kasbah' by Americans?
(a) A large barn temporarily used as U.S. Army barracks.
(b) A tower originally built during the crusades now used by a nest of snipers.
(c) A beach resort used as a French command center.
(d) A sixteenth-century Portuguese fortress.

4. Old Ironsides was both the only tank division to see desert battle in WWII, and:
(a) The only tank division manned by volunteers.
(b) The only tank division equipped with radios.
(c) The only tank division to receive no desert training.
(d) The only tank division trained in amphibious assault.

5. What promise did General Patton make to the President of the United States in the presence of Rear Admiral Hewitt?
(a) "I will ride into battle on horseback."
(b) "We will make the crossing without the loss of a single boat."
(c) "The French will capitulate quickly."
(d) "I will leave the beaches either a conqueror or a corpse."

Short Answer Questions

1. The radio messages "batter up" and "play ball" meant what to the American fleet?

2. Upon taking Oran what did the Allies immediately set to converting it to?

3. What was operation WATCHTOWER?

4. Major Rudolph Barlow's surprise attack on an an Axis airfield discovered outside the city of Djedejida resulted in what?

5. What written warning from superiors did Commander Terry Allen burn?

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