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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event did the President of the United States hope the invasion of North Africa would precede?
(a) Congressional Elections.
(b) The six month mark from the date of declaring war against Japan.
(c) The Fourth of July.
(d) The Christmas holiday.

2. The initial American strategy for attacking Hitler was summed up by a British general as:
(a) To stop wasting time with Japan and attack Germany with all available means.
(b) To overwhelm North Africa thereby ensuring Spanish neutrality.
(c) To isolate Germany from her Italian allies by infiltrating Austria.
(d) To go for him bald-headed and as soon as possible, by the shortest and most direct route.

3. The average number of deaths per day during the war averaged:
(a) 9,600.
(b) 27,600.
(c) 7,600.
(d) 12,600.

4. Old Ironsides was both the only tank division to see desert battle in WWII, and:
(a) The only tank division to receive no desert training.
(b) The only tank division equipped with radios.
(c) The only tank division trained in amphibious assault.
(d) The only tank division manned by volunteers.

5. America declared war on Germany upon:
(a) The bombing of Pearl Harbor.
(b) When German troops unfurled an enormous Swastika flag from the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris.
(c) When the Italian government declared war on France and Britain.
(d) The advance of German troops into Poland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What medal did Rear Admiral Hewitt win in World War I?

2. A British Tommy is quoted as saying:

3. What did Eisenhower suspect of General Giraud?

4. Inspired by the quality of the food during the Torch voyage, the 13th Armored Regiment suggested changing their battle cry to what?

5. What was General Giraud's stated expectation upon reaching Gibraltar?

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