An Army at Dawn: The War in Africa, 1942-1943 Quiz | Four Week Quiz A

Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was operation RESERVIST?
(a) A bombing attack from Gibraltar bases on Axis ports in North Africa.
(b) An Allied plan that spread forces across north Tunisia.
(c) A British plan to forestall the sabotage of Oran's port.
(d) A clandestine mission launched by Patton.

2. In contrast to other offensives, in the taking Safi, the U.S. sustained casualties considered:
(a) Moderate.
(b) Minimal.
(c) Excessive.
(d) Overwhelming.

3. What rouse did the French employ when repairing the gun turret on the Jean Bart?
(a) They pumped smoke from the top of the turret suggesting fire on board.
(b) They camouflaged the gun turret with wreckage from other ships.
(c) They left the guns cockeyed.
(d) They allowed the ship to sink several feet.

4. What two issues particularly occupied the minds of the American strategists planning Torch?
(a) German U-boats and Japanese dive bombers.
(b) That minimal British troops accompany the initial landings and where to make the landings.
(c) If the plan had been leaked to the Germans and Vichy France's certain role in fighting the landings.
(d) The training of troops on two different continents and how to merge the forces while at sea.

5. A British Tommy is quoted as saying:
(a) "To the victor, go the spoils."
(b) "The last war was a war to end war. This war's to start 'em up again."
(c) "Through France passes our shortest route to the Heart of Germany."
(d) "No guts. No glory."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the Service d'Ordre Legionnaire, whom Terry Allen came up against in the battle for St. Cloud?

2. What maps of Morocco were stowed into the holds of the American fleet heading out for TORCH?

3. What promise did General Patton make to the President of the United States in the presence of Rear Admiral Hewitt?

4. While information on the attack was slow to come into headquarters, Eisenhower did not believe which report:

5. What French character was referred to as "a bad man with a narrow outlook and shifty eye," by Winston Churchill?

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