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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the plan for integrating U.S. units into British lead military organizations?
(a) New U.S. troops were sent to England for specialist training.
(b) No plan existed.
(c) Units would be on a four week rotation.
(d) Select troops were permanently assigned.

2. Hitler reinforced Tunis because of what realization, according to the author?
(a) That North Africa could be used as a platform for the invasion of southern Europe.
(b) That Italy would not be able to adequately face the size of the Allied force there.
(c) That the Vichy French alliance had collapsed.
(d) That the American claim to plan a landing on the shores of Normandy was a rouse.

3. Old Ironsides was both the only tank division to see desert battle in WWII, and:
(a) The only tank division trained in amphibious assault.
(b) The only tank division equipped with radios.
(c) The only tank division to receive no desert training.
(d) The only tank division manned by volunteers.

4. In contrast to other offensives, in the taking Safi, the U.S. sustained casualties considered:
(a) Moderate.
(b) Excessive.
(c) Overwhelming.
(d) Minimal.

5. President Roosevelt mad the following statement in a press conference; "The elimination of German, Japanese, and Italian war power means the unconditional surrender of Germany, Italy, and Japan." What was Churchill's response?
(a) He agreed, but only after a moment of consideration.
(b) He agreed, but claimed to be suprised by the proclamation.
(c) He agreed for the sake of the alliance, but was personally concerned about the repurcussions.
(d) He disagreed, but amicably.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname for Eisenhower did the War Department try to suppress?

2. When German anti-aircraft gunners in Tunis fired at his plane by mistake, Field marshal Albert Kesselring's response was to:

3. What was the first town to be captured by the Allies?

4. Does the author consider RESERVIST a success?

5. What medal did Rear Admiral Hewitt win in World War I?

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