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Rick Atkinson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event on November 27 in Toulon represents "one of the greatest acts of self-immolation in military history," according to the author.
(a) The scuttling of the Vichy French fleet.
(b) Vichy French high command destroyed their own defensive installations as a sign of faith to the Fascist cause.
(c) Rather than losing another airfield to Allied forces, Germans destroyed 40 of their own planes and fuel reserves.
(d) The destruction of all American Stuart tanks at the front to be replaced by General Lee's.

2. What went wrong with operation VILLAIN?
(a) Only thirty-percent of planes made it past Axis defenses.
(b) Bad weather with incorrectly timed and broadcasted beacons.
(c) Bad fuel caused several plane engines to seize in the air and forced crash landings in Spain.
(d) German air raids delayed the departure.

3. What impasse was surmounted in the deliberations in Casablanca that helped lead to an agreed upon plan to win the war?
(a) The desire of the British contingent to immediately make a cross-channel invasion.
(b) The desire of the American contingent to comprimise Russia.
(c) The desire of the American contingent to defeat Japan first.
(d) The desire of the British to defeat Rommel as a first priority.

4. What two issues particularly occupied the minds of the American strategists planning Torch?
(a) That minimal British troops accompany the initial landings and where to make the landings.
(b) German U-boats and Japanese dive bombers.
(c) If the plan had been leaked to the Germans and Vichy France's certain role in fighting the landings.
(d) The training of troops on two different continents and how to merge the forces while at sea.

5. What became the unofficial motto of Allied forces in Tunisia?
(a) "To the last of our rations."
(b) "It flies, it dies."
(c) "Dig or Die."
(d) "Kilroy was here."

Short Answer Questions

1. The General Lee is described by the author as: "double the Stuart's weight, with a 75mm gun in the hull, a 35mm squirrel rifle in the turret, and four machine guns." What did the author describe as it's flaws?

2. Whose personal credo is: "Always do whatever you can to keep your superior from making a mistake."

3. Eisenhower promoted Clark to take command of the new 5th Army, who filled the vacancy to command II Corps?

4. Hitler reinforced Tunis because of what realization, according to the author?

5. The signal "Advance Napoleon," was issues by Eisenhower which indicated what to the troops readying operation VILLAIN?

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