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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Julian's wife publicly denounce?
(a) Julian.
(b) Vernon.
(c) George.
(d) Molly.

2. What does Clive confess to Vernon on the phone?
(a) That he witnesses violence while hiking.
(b) That he doesn't think The Judge is reputable.
(c) That he really does think Vernon should post the photos.
(d) That he never really cares for Molly.

3. What does Vernon look like when Clive sees him for the first time after Vernon receives the pictures.
(a) Exhausted.
(b) Excited.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Pleased.

4. What does Vernon want Clive to do?
(a) Contact the police.
(b) Find the Lakeland rapist.
(c) Confess to a crime.
(d) Support him publishing the photos.

5. What happens to Vernon's job at The Judge?
(a) He is fired.
(b) He is simply reprimanded.
(c) He is banned from the office.
(d) He is demoted.

6. What right does Vernon deny Julian by publishing his photos?
(a) The legal right to own copyright of the pictures.
(b) The right to public office.
(c) The right to sexual expression in private.
(d) The right not to be humiliated.

7. Which word best defines Vernon's staff at The Judge in Chapter Four?
(a) Fickle.
(b) Strong-willed.
(c) Jealous.
(d) Hard-working.

8. What does Clive prepare for when he returns after hiking?
(a) To go to Amsterdam.
(b) To go to London.
(c) To complete the symphony.
(d) To publish photos of Julian.

9. What role does Clive believe he plays?
(a) Organizer.
(b) Thinker.
(c) Taker.
(d) Giver.

10. Who plans to ruin Vernon's job at The Judge?
(a) Clive.
(b) Frank.
(c) Julian's wife.
(d) George.

11. Why doesn't Clive want to tell the police what he sees?
(a) He is afraid he is attacked.
(b) He believes he witnesses nothing.
(c) It interferes with his work.
(d) He is afraid he is accused of the crime.

12. What is Vernon's initial response to Clive's confession?
(a) He is elated.
(b) He is only half-listening.
(c) He is outraged.
(d) He wants to meet in person to discuss it.

13. Where does Clive go to hike?
(a) Lake District.
(b) Amsterdam.
(c) George's mansion.
(d) Holland Park.

14. What is Vernon's staff's reaction to the Garmony's going to the media?
(a) They feel cheated by Vernon.
(b) They encourage Vernon to post the photos anyway.
(c) They threaten to quit if conditions are not improved.
(d) They no longer support Vernon.

15. What is Vernon afraid of?
(a) That is staff is conspiring against him.
(b) That Julian has a successful bid to become prime minister.
(c) That Molly leaves nothing for him in her will.
(d) That George is out for revenge on Vernon and Clive as well as Julian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the main setting of Chapter Three?

2. What do both Clive and Vernon fail to see?

3. What does Clive choose to do when he sees the argument?

4. When does Vernon notice that he has a new purpose in life?

5. By publishing the pictures, who does Vernon betray?

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