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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Clive see arguing when he is hiking?
(a) Two men.
(b) Two women.
(c) A group of men and one woman.
(d) A man and a woman.

2. What does Vernon show Clive when they see each other?
(a) Photographs of Julian.
(b) Moll's last will and testament.
(c) Photographs of Molly.
(d) A positive article about Julian.

3. What type of worker is Frank?
(a) Detailed.
(b) Passive.
(c) Ambitious.
(d) Lazy.

4. How long does Julian's wife claim to know about his sexual proclivities?
(a) Since the beginning of their marriage.
(b) Since they began dating.
(c) For the last year.
(d) Since she saw the photos for the first time.

5. When Vernon meets with his newspaper staff for the first time in Chapter Four, what happens?
(a) Vernon is swamped with phone calls about the publishing of Julian's photos.
(b) Vernon's staff ignores him because they no longer respect him.
(c) Vernon's staff yells at him for his disappointing work.
(d) Vernon accepts accolades for his work.

6. When does Vernon notice that he has a new purpose in life?
(a) The day after he argues with Clive.
(b) The day he finds out that Clive witnesses a violent argument.
(c) The day after Julian's photos are published.
(d) The day before publication of Julian's photos.

7. What is Frank's role at The Judge?
(a) Political editor.
(b) Foreign duty reporter.
(c) Senior editor.
(d) Foreign deputy editor.

8. What does Julian's wife unveil to the media?
(a) Scandalous photos of Vernon.
(b) The photos of Julian that are going to be published.
(c) Scandalous photos of Molly.
(d) Pictures of Julian that Vernon never sees before.

9. Why is Vernon angry at his staff?
(a) They want to demote him.
(b) They are reluctant to post the pictures of Julian.
(c) They want to post a positive article about Julian on the cover.
(d) They want to replace him with Frank.

10. Which word best describes Clive in Chapter Four?
(a) Demanding.
(b) Jealous.
(c) Lazy.
(d) Self-absorbed.

11. What is Clive doing when he sees an argument occur?
(a) Writing notes for the introduction.
(b) Taking notes for a novel.
(c) Watching birds.
(d) Writing notes for the finale.

12. What has Julian been outed as?
(a) A womanizer.
(b) A homosexual.
(c) A male chauvinist.
(d) A transvestite.

13. According to Vernon, why does Clive contact the authorities?
(a) He is witnessed in the area and needs to clear his name.
(b) It's his moral duty.
(c) His sketch is turned into the police.
(d) Clive personally knows the rapist.

14. Why doesn't Clive want to tell the police what he sees?
(a) It interferes with his work.
(b) He is afraid he is accused of the crime.
(c) He is afraid he is attacked.
(d) He believes he witnesses nothing.

15. What does Julian's outing do for his career?
(a) Encouraged him to become more liberal.
(b) Turned him into a celebrity.
(c) Destroyed it.
(d) Consolidated it.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Clive and Vernon have an argument?

2. Who begins to denounce Vernon by the end of the weekend?

3. What is Vernon's new purpose in life?

4. What is the name of Julian's wife?

5. In Chapter Three, who does Clive get an urgent call from?

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