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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Vernon's reaction to Clive's proposal?
(a) He absolutely disagrees.
(b) He says he has to think about it.
(c) He agrees to do it.
(d) He is shocked and appalled at the concept.

2. Where does The Judge often feature articles about Julian?
(a) Only in the political section.
(b) In a separate newspaper.
(c) On the front page.
(d) On the last page.

3. What kind of relationship do Clive and Vernon have initially?
(a) Friends with George.
(b) Close friends.
(c) They have no relationship until the funeral.
(d) Co-workers.

4. What is Clive's last name?
(a) Linley.
(b) Halliday.
(c) Lane.
(d) Garmony.

5. Where is euthanasia currently being abused?
(a) Holland Park.
(b) Lake District.
(c) Penrith.
(d) The Netherlands.

6. Why does George take care of Molly in her final days?
(a) To make sure she has everything she needs.
(b) To make sure nobody steals anything from her.
(c) To control who has access to her.
(d) He loves her too much to leave her side.

7. How long does Clive stay up working after Molly's funeral?
(a) The next afternoon.
(b) Midnight.
(c) Early morning.
(d) Only a few hours.

8. What benefit does Vernon see to hurting Julian's political career?
(a) It keeps him from having affairs with other women.
(b) It prevents political and social disaster.
(c) It is beneficial to keeping peace between he and Clive.
(d) It satisfies George and keeps him from extracting revenge on Vernon.

9. Who is in the photos that George gives to Vernon?
(a) Molly.
(b) Julian.
(c) Vernon.
(d) Clive.

10. What does Clive want to accomplish in finishing his project?
(a) A secured place in musical history.
(b) Revenge on Julian.
(c) A spot on the Bestsellers list.
(d) A literary award.

11. Why does George want revenge on Julian?
(a) He dislikes his political views.
(b) He despises all of Molly's lovers, including Julian.
(c) He is mad that Julian is mentioned in Molly's will.
(d) He is interested in Julian's wife.

12. Why is Molly's death undignified?
(a) She is denied medical care.
(b) She receives no visits from the people she loves.
(c) She asks to be euthanized but George doesn't do it.
(d) George deprives her of necessities.

13. What type of story is featured in The Judge the day of Vernon's first meeting in the novel?
(a) Medical scandal regarding euthanasia.
(b) Julian's latest scandal.
(c) Animal abuse.
(d) Molly's obituary.

14. What agreement do Vernon and Clive have?
(a) To visit Amsterdam together for a symphony.
(b) To make Julian's life as bad as possible.
(c) To euthanize each other if the other is terminally ill.
(d) To continue being friends despite their differences.

15. Where does Vernon go after he visits George's mansion?
(a) Clive's studio.
(b) Vernon's office.
(c) Julian's home.
(d) Molly's old office.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many photos does George give to Vernon?

2. What is Clive been commissioned to write?

3. What type of weather is present at Molly's funeral?

4. Why is George vengeful toward the other men?

5. Which characters share a motive for revenge?

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