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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vernon want Clive to do?
(a) Contact the police.
(b) Support him publishing the photos.
(c) Confess to a crime.
(d) Find the Lakeland rapist.

2. What does Vernon show Clive when they see each other?
(a) A positive article about Julian.
(b) Photographs of Julian.
(c) Moll's last will and testament.
(d) Photographs of Molly.

3. When do Clive and Vernon have an argument?
(a) They do not have an argument.
(b) The day after Clive returns from Penrith.
(c) The day before they both go to Amsterdam.
(d) The night before Clive leaves to Penrith.

4. What does Vernon receive in Chapter Two at work?
(a) An injunction prohibiting him from publishing any likeness of George.
(b) An injunction prohibiting him from publishing any likeness of Julian.
(c) A note from Clive about euthanasia.
(d) A note from his boss that reprimands his former articles about Julian.

5. Why does Vernon call Clive in Chapter Four?
(a) To tell him to call the police.
(b) To continue the argument.
(c) To tell him he's publishing the photos.
(d) To reconcile.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clive choose to do when he sees the argument?

2. When Vernon meets with his newspaper staff for the first time in Chapter Four, what happens?

3. What enables Vernon to be able to publish the photos in Chapter Three?

4. Why does Vernon claim he can't meet with Clive in Chapter Two?

5. What political affiliation do the characters have?

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