Objects & Places from Amsterdam

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This is the location where the plot culminates.

The Judge

This object is the daily journal that Vernon works for.

Judge House

This is the building in which the daily journal's offices are located.

Millennial Symphony

Clive Linley is commissioned by an unnamed committee to write this object.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony

There is a rumor that Clive's symphony borrows heavily from this.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

This is the musical company that will be performing Clive's work when it's completed.

Photos of Garmony

George Lane possesses these that once belong to his wife.


At the farmhouse in this location, the Garmony's hold a press conference.

South Kensington

Clive's studio is located in this location.

Lake District

When Clive has trouble finishing his work, he plans a trip to this place in order to find inspiration.

Holland Park

George Lane's mansion is located here.

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