Objects & Places from Amsterdam

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Amsterdam - This is the location where the plot culminates.

The Judge - This object is the daily journal that Vernon works for.

Judge House - This is the building in which the daily journal's offices are located.

Millennial Symphony - Clive Linley is commissioned by an unnamed committee to write this object.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony - There is a rumor that Clive's symphony borrows heavily from this.

Boston Symphony Orchestra - This is the musical company that will be performing Clive's work when it's completed.

Photos of Garmony - George Lane possesses these that once belong to his wife.

Wiltshire - At the farmhouse in this location, the Garmony's hold a press conference.

South Kensington - Clive's studio is located in this location.

Lake District - When Clive has trouble finishing his work, he plans a trip to this place in order to find inspiration.


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