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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter One The first chapter introduces the main characters that are featured in the rest of the novel. This lesson explores the ways in which these characters are introduced and the first impressions the reader gets from them.

1. Class Discussion: Discuss the specific ways that each character is introduced. Are these introductions effective in telling you enough about the characters?

2. Group Assignment: In groups of four or five, write down everything that is known about the four men in the story.

3. Individual assignment: Why do you think that each man is revealed at the points they come into the story? Answer this question in at least four paragraphs.

4. Homework: What do you change about the introduction of each character? Write one paragraph per character and use specific examples from the novel.

Lesson 2

Objective: Chapter One The first chapter is used to foreshadow events that occur in...

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