Amsterdam Character Descriptions

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Molly Lane - This is the deceased character whose former lovers include a musician and a politician.

George Lane - This character is a greedy, wealthy widower, who makes his living as a publisher.

Clive Linley - This character is a composer, who is commissioned to write the Millennial Symphony.

Vernon Halliday - This character is the editor-in-chief of the struggling daily journal, Judge.

Julian Garmony - This character is the Foreign Secretary of Britain and has a reputation for his ultra-conservative political views.

Rose Garmony - This character is a pediatric surgeon, who dedicates their life to saving the lives of children.

Frank Dibben - This character is the Judge's deputy foreign editor.

Lettice O'Hara - This character is the features editor for the Judge.

Lakeland Rapist - This character is witnessed attacking a woman on a trail.

Paul Lanark - This character is an alcoholic...

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