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Chapter 1

• Molly Lane dies, leaving behind George, her greedy husband, and a trail of lovers.

• Clive and Vernon are Molly's former lovers and great friends who share a dislike for Molly's other former lover, Julian.

• Clive is commissioned to write the Millenial Symphony.

• Clive believes that Molly dies a humiliating death because she has a terminal disease that causes her to die slowly.

Chapter 2

• Vernon, a newspaper editor for The Judge, gets a call from George during a meeting and George has information to give him.

• An article is featured in The Judge about a medical scandal in The Netherlands regarding the misuse of euthanasia for murder.

• Vernon visits Clive, who asks him to euthanize him if he ever becomes terminally ill. Vernon later agrees to the same thing.

• Vernon visits George and obtains three scandalous photographs of Julian that he plans to publish in The Judge.

Chapter 3

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