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Short Answer Questions

1. When Luke gets to the gate, he tells the girl newscaster that he has the freedom not to ___________, in Chapter 20?

2. What does Luke cover his face with as he rides a horse to the stage in Chapter 31?

3. Who destroyed the old identity cards leading to the overthrow of the government in the novel?

4. How many novels comprise the Shadow Children series?

5. Philip Twinings takes the microphone away from one man during the interviews in Chapter 28, claiming what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Luke attempt to convince himself in Chapter 26? What lends doubt to this thought?

2. Who comes to join Luke in tearing down the signs in Chapter 33? What signs of hope does Luke point out?

3. What risks does Luke take in his actions in the climax of the narrative in Chapter 31? Why?

4. What new viewpoints arise in the interviews on the stage at the Population Police Headquarters in Chapter 28?

5. What internal struggle does the protagonist face in Chapter 23? How does he feel about the changing government?

6. How are Oscar and the boy from Chiutza similar? How is this illustrated in Chapter 29?

7. What does Luke initially do in order to try to sway the public in Chapter 29? Why?

8. How does the author describe the scene at the Population Police Headquarters in Chapter 20?

9. How is the public being lied to by the new leaders, as illustrated in Chapter 27?

10. How does the protagonist recall the Grant family in Chapter 24? Where is Luke located?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters of Luke and Officer Houk in the novel. What is Luke's history with the Population Police? What is Officer Houk's? What relationship do these characters have with one another in the beginning of the novel? How does Luke feel about Houk?

Essay Topic 2

Describe, analyze and discuss the plot structure of the novel. In a traditional plot structure, what precedes the rising action? Is this the case in Among the Free? Where is the rising action? How do we know where the rising action occurs? Where is the climax, and what is revealed in the denouement?

Essay Topic 3

Describe, analyze and discuss the characters of Eli and Adriana in the novel. How old is the couple? How is their home described? How do Eli and his wife help Luke achieve his objectives? What do they sacrifice? Why?

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