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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• In Chapter 1, Luke Garner is standing in line with the other stablehands at Population Police headquarters.

• The boys are undergoing their daily inspection of their uniforms and hygiene at 6:30 in the morning.

• In Chapter 2, Luke and the other two boys chosen by the man with the medals on his chest are riding away from Population Police Headquarters in a van.

• Officer Houk explains they are going to the town of Chiutza to knock on each door to summon the residents for a town meeting where they will be issuing everyone new ID cards.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• In Chapter 3, Luke thinks about one of the riskiest plans he and his friends embarked upon to win over the government.

• When the jeep arrives in Chiutza, the officer assigns each boy and the driver a street to tell the residents to be in the town square by 11 p.m.

• In...

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