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Khan, Hena
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amina do when Soojin and Emily go to class angry with her?
(a) Sits on a bench.
(b) Walks home.
(c) Goes to the nurses station.
(d) Follows them to class.

2. What does Baba say about the reason some Muslims believe music is wrong?
(a) That they are misinterpreting the Quran.
(b) That music was forbidden during the Prophet's life.
(c) That they cannot approve of the inappropriate music, and so avoid them all.
(d) That they are right to do so.

3. Why does Imam Malik say he has to tell Mustafa's parents about Mustafa's transgression?
(a) He has already told the parents of some others who were involved.
(b) He believes Mustafa deserves to be punished.
(c) He feels it is his responsibility to tell them.
(d) He does not believe Mustafa's apology is sincere.

4. How does Baba respond to Thaya Jaan's comment about Amina's music?
(a) He only says "yes."
(b) He offers to have her play more quietly.
(c) He says God has given Amina her talent for a reason.
(d) He strongly disagrees.

5. Why is this event bad news for Amina?
(a) She knows her parents will not let her attend this event.
(b) She knows she will have to do a lot of cooking for it.
(c) She cannot attend one without attending both.
(d) She had hoped to spend that day with her friends at the park.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the dinner party, what does Yusuf suggest the children do when they cannot find anything on television?

2. Why is Mustafa absent from the Friday evening out with Thaya Jaan?

3. Who does Mama insist is the first to fill their plate with food at her dinner party?

4. What does Amina do when she sees Imam Malik talking to Mustafa in the hall during the Sunday School break?

5. What does Emily carry her lunch in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mama's reaction when Amina reveals Thaya Jaan's opinion of music?

2. Describe the conversation Amina has with her Muslim friends the night of the dinner party to honor Thaya Jaan.

3. What is the scenario that Amina considers will be her life if Soojin and Emily never forgive her?

4. How and why does Amina's mood change after she hears Thaya Jaan's comment about music?

5. Thaya Jaan tells Amina the meaning of a passage from the Quran. Why does the meaning upset Amina?

6. What is the conversation Amina overhears between Imam Malik and Mustafa during the break in Sunday School? What is Amina's reaction?

7. What does Emily reveal about her family that makes Amina realize Emily's family is not as perfect as Amina had believed?

8. What is the problem Amina faces with regard to attending the carnival?

9. What is the secret Emily tells Soojin and why is Amina included in this conversation?

10. What is the punishment Baba gives Mustafa for being out too late, and what role does Thaya Jaan play in that punishment?

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