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Khan, Hena
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amina say when Mama asks why she is spending so much time in her bedroom on Friday afternoon?
(a) That she is working on her social studies project.
(b) That she does not feel well.
(c) That she is avoiding Thaya Jaan.
(d) That she is cleaning.

2. What does Amina say to Bradley after revealing that Emily likes Justin?
(a) She asks him to spread the news to everyone.
(b) She asks him not to tell anyone.
(c) She says he should only tell Justin.
(d) She says he should talk to Emily about it.

3. What does Amina notice about Soojin that surprises her?
(a) Soojin is wearing lip gloss.
(b) Soojin has written "Susan" all over her notebook.
(c) Soojin has had her tongue pierced.
(d) Soojin is wearing perfume.

4. What is Rabiya going to be for Halloween?
(a) A kitten.
(b) A pirate.
(c) A peacock.
(d) A gypsy.

5. What does Amina hear Thaya Jaan say about music?
(a) That it is forbidden in Islam.
(b) That it is leading her away from her heritage.
(c) That she is very talented.
(d) That she should play professionally.

6. Who came up with the idea for Mustafa's punishment?
(a) Thaya Jaan.
(b) Mama.
(c) Imam Malik.
(d) Amina.

7. What does Thaya Jaan call Amina when they are preparing to leave the house?
(a) A kitten.
(b) A baby.
(c) A canary.
(d) A daisy.

8. What does Soojin say when Emily is clearly uncomfortable talking in front of Amina?
(a) That they need to talk about their social studies project.
(b) That Emily should just leave.
(c) That they are all going to be best friends.
(d) That Amina can be trusted with anything.

9. Why is Soojin going to miss the following day of school?
(a) She is going to be sworn in as an American citizen.
(b) Her parents are taking her to a museum.
(c) She has a doctor's appointment.
(d) Her sister has a dance recital.

10. Who does Emily say used to prepare Polish food for the family?
(a) Her aunt.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her grandmother.
(d) Her cousin.

11. What is the word Thaya Jaan has to define for Amina when he explains the meaning of the surah she is reading?
(a) Maliciously.
(b) Slanderous.
(c) Backbiting.
(d) Gossiping.

12. What does Baba do when he hears Amina playing an Elvis song on the piano?
(a) He says she is playing very well.
(b) He cautions her against playing secular music.
(c) He suggests she should practice the Quran instead.
(d) He sings in a silly, deep voice.

13. What does Emily say is the only thing her mother can really cook?
(a) Pot roast.
(b) Peanut butter cookies.
(c) Apple pie.
(d) Fried chicken.

14. Why does Mama say Baba left the house so early the morning after the dinner party?
(a) Imam Malik needs to talk to Baba.
(b) She does not say.
(c) Someone vandalized the Islamic Center.
(d) Hamid and Baba are going to the mosque early.

15. What does Soojin say Emily should do next, after Luke embarrasses her during lunch?
(a) Pretend she really likes Bradley.
(b) Tell a teacher that Luke is spreading lies.
(c) Nothing, because she has not shown any indication it is true.
(d) Ask Justin if he also likes her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bradley say he would like to sit by Emily during social studies?

2. How does Baba respond to Thaya Jaan's comment about Amina's music?

3. Why is Imam Malik upset with Mustafa?

4. Why does Mama say the surah does not apply to Amina's situation?

5. Why is this event bad news for Amina?

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