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Khan, Hena
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Soojin say Emily should do next, after Luke embarrasses her during lunch?
(a) Nothing, because she has not shown any indication it is true.
(b) Tell a teacher that Luke is spreading lies.
(c) Ask Justin if he also likes her.
(d) Pretend she really likes Bradley.

2. What does Amina do when she sees Imam Malik talking to Mustafa in the hall during the Sunday School break?
(a) Pretends to be looking at a poster while she listens.
(b) Hides and listens.
(c) Walks more slowly so she can listen.
(d) Joins them to listen.

3. Who came up with the idea for Mustafa's punishment?
(a) Imam Malik.
(b) Mama.
(c) Amina.
(d) Thaya Jaan.

4. Why does Amina choose not to tell Mustafa that she is proud of him?
(a) The two of them do not say things like that to each other.
(b) She knows he will tease her about it for weeks.
(c) He never says anything nice to her.
(d) The basketball team is taking him away too much for her to be nice about it.

5. Who is the first person Emily accuses of telling her secret?
(a) Soojin.
(b) Amnina.
(c) Bradley.
(d) Justin.

6. How does Baba respond to Thaya Jaan's comment about Amina's music?
(a) He strongly disagrees.
(b) He says God has given Amina her talent for a reason.
(c) He only says "yes."
(d) He offers to have her play more quietly.

7. What does Baba do whenever Mama is preparing for a dinner party?
(a) Pitches in to help.
(b) Sets flowers on the porch.
(c) Leaves the house.
(d) Cooks his special dish.

8. What does Amina realize about Emily after Luke embarrasses Emily during lunch?
(a) That she does not like Amina at all.
(b) That she is trying to be friends with both Amina and Soojin.
(c) That she has not changed at all.
(d) That she has only been spending time with Amina in order to be near Bradley.

9. What does Amina notice about Soojin that surprises her?
(a) Soojin has had her tongue pierced.
(b) Soojin is wearing lip gloss.
(c) Soojin is wearing perfume.
(d) Soojin has written "Susan" all over her notebook.

10. What is Emily's immediate reaction to Luke's shout in the lunchroom?
(a) She turns red and rushes from the cafeteria.
(b) She becomes furious with Amina and Soojin.
(c) She says he is weird and pretends to ignore him.
(d) She begins to cry and wipes her eyes with her napkin.

11. What does Imam Malik say he expects Mustafa to do?
(a) Tell his parents what he did.
(b) Apologize to his teacher.
(c) Memorize a specific section of the Quran and be ready to explain its meaning.
(d) Help with the carnival and participate in the Quran competition.

12. What does Amina do when Soojin and Emily go to class angry with her?
(a) Sits on a bench.
(b) Follows them to class.
(c) Goes to the nurses station.
(d) Walks home.

13. What does Emily give Amina from her lunch?
(a) A peanut butter cookie.
(b) A strawberry.
(c) A brownie.
(d) A cup of blueberries.

14. What does Amina realize her time with her Muslim friends and family at the dinner party have done?
(a) Made her laugh for the first time in days.
(b) Reminded her that secular friendships are not important.
(c) Reminded her that she should put her faith first.
(d) Made her realize the importance of friendship.

15. What does Mama say Amina has to do in order to repair her friendship with Soojin and Emily?
(a) Invite them for a sleep over.
(b) Tell a teacher the situation and ask for help.
(c) Apologize to them both.
(d) Give them a gift to show she is sincere.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amina plan to do when she returns to school on Monday?

2. What does Soojin say will be different about her when she returns to school the following Monday?

3. What is the secret Emily shares with Amina and Soojin?

4. What does Thaya Jaan call Amina when they are preparing to leave the house?

5. How does Amina first learn of the extent of the damage at the Islamic Center?

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