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Khan, Hena
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amina do just before entering the mosque?
(a) Washes herself at a faucet.
(b) Prays for the patience to sit still during the service.
(c) Puts away her Sunday School books.
(d) Adjusts her scarf so it will remain in place.

2. How long has it been since Amina saw her cousins?
(a) Three years.
(b) Eight years.
(c) Six years.
(d) Almost a year.

3. What do Amina and her friends do during the break during Sunday School?
(a) Practice passages from the Quran.
(b) Eat a snack.
(c) Sit with their parents.
(d) Play soccer.

4. What is Mama doing when Amina enters the mosque?
(a) Preparing food for the afternoon meal.
(b) Reading the Quran with some friends.
(c) Taking care of some of the younger children.
(d) Giving Mustafa a lecture about his clothing.

5. Soojin and Amina will work on their social studies project together. Who does Soojin invite to join them?
(a) Justin.
(b) Luke.
(c) Emily.
(d) Bradley.

6. What is the moral of the lesson Sister Naima tells the children during the second part of Sunday School?
(a) A person has to be loyal to her family.
(b) Women should never be loud in public.
(c) It is dangerous to be jealous.
(d) Prayer time has to be observed regardless of the situation.

7. What is the first argument Amina's group has when they are working on their social studies project?
(a) Whether sugar is a necessity.
(b) How much to spend on blankets.
(c) Which route will take the least amount of time.
(d) Whether to buy oxen or horses.

8. What does Amina usually say to teachers when they ask about Mustafa?
(a) That he is fine.
(b) That he is making plans for medical school.
(c) That they are not related.
(d) That he is failing several classes.

9. What are the two challenges Bradley throws into their social studies project?
(a) They have lost their map and Bradley is going hunting.
(b) Soojin has broken her leg and ants got in their sugar.
(c) One of their oxen is sick and they lost their blankets during a river crossing.
(d) Amina has cholera and their wagon wheel broke.

10. What is Amina's reaction when Thaya Jaan says some families in Pakistan can barely afford food?
(a) Anger because the government is not helping her family.
(b) Sadness because there is nothing she can do about it.
(c) Determination because she is working on a plan to help them.
(d) Guilt because of the food she just threw away.

11. What does Soojin's name mean?
(a) Steadfast.
(b) Perfect.
(c) Brilliant.
(d) Treasure.

12. What is hanging over Soojin's bed?
(a) Cases filled with books.
(b) Pictures of Soojin in dance competitions.
(c) Framed Korean letters of Soonjin's name.
(d) Posters of actors and singers.

13. Why is Amina upset over the fact that Baba is taking her to school for the back-to-school parents' meeting?
(a) She will be the only student there.
(b) She is missing her favorite television show.
(c) She has a lot of homework.
(d) She had planned to play video games.

14. What does Rabiya take from her brother's room?
(a) A book.
(b) Gum balls.
(c) A video game.
(d) A CD.

15. What is the excuse Baba gives to explain why Amina and Mustafa are not fluent in Urdu?
(a) The children have too much studying to do.
(b) They are focusing on Arabic.
(c) There is no one to teach them.
(d) The family is setting aside the traditional language in favor of English.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Amina thinks as Thaya Jaan begins to lead the family in prayer time?

2. What does Emily say about Bradley?

3. What is Amina's reaction when Soojin announces she plans to change her name to Susan?

4. What does Soojin say when Amina asks if Soojin plans to become friends with Emily?

5. Why have some parents from the Islamic Center refused to participate in trick-or-treating?

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