Amina's Voice Short Essay - Answer Key

Khan, Hena
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1. Why does Soojin urge Amina to sing, and why does Amina refuse?

Soojin knows that Amina loves to sing and that she has an incredible singing voice. Amina is still living down the embarrassment of having failed to deliver her lines during a school play, and she does not have the courage to try to sing a solo now.

2. Why is Soojin planning to change her name and what is Amina's reaction?

Soojin and her family are about to become American citizens, and Soojin wants to change her name to something more American. She hates that so many people have trouble pronouncing her name. Amina, however, feels that Soojin will be changing a fundamental part of herself. Amina also feels that their friendship is further bound by the fact that they both have names that are difficult for Americans to pronounce.

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