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Khan, Hena
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Thaya Jaan say that surprises Amina?
(a) That Muslims are in danger all over the world.
(b) That Muslims are in danger in America.
(c) That many things are good in America.
(d) That all Muslims should return to their native lands.

2. What is Amina's first reaction when she hears Mustafa begin to recite?
(a) Her mouth is hanging open.
(b) She begins to giggle.
(c) She applauds.
(d) She slouches in her seat.

3. What is the first thing Soojin says when she and Amina arrive at her house after school?
(a) She has to check on her grandfather.
(b) She wonders where her parents are.
(c) She is going to change clothes.
(d) She is hungry.

4. What does Emily carry her lunch in?
(a) A red box.
(b) A green reusable bag.
(c) A pink paper sack.
(d) A blue insulated bag.

5. Bradley asks if Soojin and Emily have become best friends. What is Amina's reaction?
(a) She is angry that Bradley noticed.
(b) She feels a shock of jealousy.
(c) She says Emily is also her friend.
(d) She knows Soojin will never abandon her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amina say in support of Mustafa's plea to participate in an extracurricular activity?

2. What are Baba and Mustafa watching on television after Sunday School?

3. What is the big event Imam Malik says will be held at the same time as the Quran recitation competition?

4. What does Soojin say when Amina asks if she is now Susan?

5. Why is everyone gathered at Amina's house on the evening after the attack?

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