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Khan, Hena
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amina remember about her early childhood at the mosque?
(a) She would fall asleep to the sound of her mother reading the Quran.
(b) She hated having to sit still.
(c) She was always too hot because of the traditional clothing.
(d) She would often run around with other little kids.

2. What does Thaya Jaan do as they are leaving the airport that puts Amina at ease?
(a) Puts his arm around her shoulders.
(b) Says her cousins are eager for her to visit them.
(c) Sings a line from a lullaby she loved as a baby.
(d) Announces he is going trick-or-treating with her.

3. How is Ms. Barton dressed when she introduces the new project Amina's class will be working on?
(a) She is wearing an orange jacket like hunters wear.
(b) She is wearing the traditional clothing of a pioneer woman.
(c) She is wearing a t-shirt with the school mascot.
(d) She is wearing overalls and a flannel shirt.

4. What does Baba say he expects of Amina and Mustafa while Thaya Jaan visits?
(a) That they will attend mosque every evening.
(b) That they wear traditional Muslim clothing all the time.
(c) That they act perfectly.
(d) That they speak only in Urdu.

5. What happened to Amina when she played the role of John Hancock in a school play?
(a) Her hat fell off when she bent to sign her name.
(b) She froze, unable to say her line.
(c) She fell as she was leaving the stage.
(d) She dropped the ink bottle while signing her name.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Ms. Holly?

2. What kind of lessons does Amina take?

3. What are the adults discussing when Amina and Rabiya walk through the living room at Rabiya's house?

4. What is the comparison Amina makes about her family's appearance?

5. What are Mustafa and Yusuf playing when Amina's family visits Rabiya's family?

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