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Khan, Hena
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baba say Thaya Jaan can do to help Amina and Mustafa during his visit?
(a) Expand their appreciation for traditional foods.
(b) Prepare for the Quran recitation competition.
(c) Practice reading in Urdu.
(d) Learn more about their ancestry.

2. What does Thaya Jaan say Baba should do to encourage Amina and Mustafa to speak Urdu?
(a) Set aside Sunday afternoon each week for study.
(b) Talk to them only in that language and refuse to acknowledge English.
(c) Allow them to speak in any language but only answer in Urdu.
(d) Reward them when they speak Urdu and punish them when they speak English.

3. Why is Mustafa absent from the Friday evening out with Thaya Jaan?
(a) He is practicing the Quran with friends.
(b) He is not feeling well.
(c) He is out with his basketball team.
(d) He is studying at the Islamic Center.

4. What do Amina and Soojin do as soon as Soonjin's grandfather enters the room?
(a) They leave the room.
(b) They give him a hug.
(c) They bow to him.
(d) They greet him in Urdu.

5. Why is Imam Malik upset with Mustafa?
(a) Mustafa skipped his Sunday School class to take a nap.
(b) Mustafa talked back to his teacher and refuses to apologize.
(c) Mustafa is refusing to participate in the Quran competition.
(d) Mustafa with playing basketball with some boys who were smoking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why have some parents from the Islamic Center refused to participate in trick-or-treating?

2. Why is Amina upset over the fact that Baba is taking her to school for the back-to-school parents' meeting?

3. How is Ms. Barton dressed when she introduces the new project Amina's class will be working on?

4. What are Mustafa and Yusuf playing when Amina's family visits Rabiya's family?

5. What does the family drink when they are all gathered in the living room after dinner?

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