Objects & Places from Amina's Voice

Khan, Hena
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This is a part of the daily lives of the various characters, and Mama focuses heavily on this as she prepares for Thaya Jaan's visit. This differs from one culture to another.

Thaya Jaan

This is a relative of Amina's who symbolizes her Pakistani heritage.

The Treasure Chest Pendant

This is the item that Amina gave Soojin as a gift because of the meaning of Soojin's name. The item symbolizes the friendship between Soojin and Amina.

The Voice

This is a reality television show that Amina and Soojin watch, and the show is symbolic of the fact that Amina wants to perform in front of an audience.

The Islamic Center

This is where Amina's family worships until the facility is vandalized. The facility symbolizes Amina's need for a calm, peaceful place.


This is a character who wants to befriend Amina, though Amina can only focus on...

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