Amina's Voice Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Khan, Hena
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Amina? Describe her daily life, her heritage, and the struggles she is facing at this point in her life.

Essay Topic 2

List the members of Amina's family who are named in this novel. Describe her relationship with any two, including how that relationship changes over the course of the events of this novel.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the friendship between Amina and Soojin. How does that relationship change after Emily becomes involved with the girls? Why does Amina have trouble accepting Emily's presence?

Essay Topic 4

Why do you think Emily approaches Amina and Soojin with an offer of friendship? How has Emily's life changed since the previous school year? What could explain this change?

Essay Topic 5

Who is Thaya Jaan? What is his attitude about music and how does Baba explain this attitude? What is Thaya Jaan's reaction when Amina plays Beethoven for those gathered...

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