Amina's Voice Character Descriptions

Khan, Hena
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Amina Khokar

This is an 11-year-old student at Greenwood Middle School who loves music but comes to fear that the music is against her family's beliefs. This character has an amazing singing voice but is afraid to use it in public until a series of events put her in the perfect position to sing.

Soojin Park

This is the protagonist's best friend, though the protagonist is worried that their friendship is in danger. This character plans to change her name once she becomes an American citizen.

Thaya Jaan

This is the protagonist's relative who visits the family from Pakistan.

Mustafa Khokar

This is the protagonist's brother.

Emily Heller

This character was mean to the protagonist in years past but who has now become friends with the protagonist and her best friend.


This is the protagonist's Muslim friend who tries to convince her to create a singing video they...

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