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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which 1914 English dictionary made many important concessions to American spellings?
(a) The London Pocket Dictionary.
(b) The Cambridge Fleet Edition.
(c) The New English Dictionary.
(d) The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

2. From which of the following have the English changed their spelling?
(a) Programme.
(b) Develope.
(c) Kilogramme.
(d) Gramme.

3. What was the Anglo-Saxon form of the modern-day word "my," according to Mencken in Chapter 9.4?
(a) Mine.
(b) Mien.
(c) Min.
(d) Mi.

4. Which of the following does Wilcox not list as a negative treatment of the English language by grammarians?
(a) Excessive inflection.
(b) Multiplication of terms for a single conception.
(c) Excessive classification.
(d) Excessive revision.

5. In what region of the United States are Spanish names corrupted, as Dutch names are in New York?
(a) Northwest.
(b) Southeast.
(c) Midwest.
(d) Southwest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who published a work in 1768 entitled "Scheme for a New Alphabet and a Reformed Mode of Spelling, with Remarks and Examples Concerning the Same, and an Enquiry into its Uses"?

2. Who does Mencken state are the true makers of grammar in Chapter 9.1?

3. From what newspaper does Mencken derive the story with which he opens Chapter 11.2?

4. In what century did England replace the "i-sound" with the "oi-sound" in words such as "boy"?

5. In what parts of language does Mencken say the "chief grammatical peculiarities" of spoken English are found?

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