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Chapter 1.1 | Chapter 1.2

• In Chapter 1.1, Mencken discusses how American English differs from the more rigid and "pure" English of England.

• Chapter 1.2 discusses how academics have exacerbated the problem of the American language by their unreasonable opinions.

Chapter 1.3 | Chapter 1.4

• Chapter 1.3 sees Mencken describing how the various men of letters, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, have noticed and commented upon this problem of divergent English.

• Chapter 1.4 also explores the obviousness of the problem of the diverging language, discussing how even non-English speaking countries have noticed the problem.

Chapter 1.5 | Chapter 1.6

• Chapter 1.5 discusses the general character of American: informal, inventive, a lack of precedent, and nationwide linguistic solidarity.

• The final chapter of the introductory part lays out the various studies, which have attempted classification of Americanisms, only to ultimately limit the scope of inquiry into the language, if one follows them.

Chapter 2.1 | Chapter 2.2

• Chapter 2.1 explains the root of American linguistic differentiation...

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