Objects & Places from Americanah

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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This attribute is seen symbolically in the narrative, from the point when Ifemelu's mother casts it away when she becomes religious.


These creatures often land on the roof of the building Ifemelu can see out her apartment window in Lagos.

Colonial House

This building is seen by Ifemelu from her apartment window in Lagos.

Dolphin Estate House

This building becomes for Ifemelu a symbol of Uju’s reliance on The General for her livelihood.


These items are symbolic in the narrative of hope for a better life and are cherished by Obinze.


These attributes in the narrative symbolize a person’s place in society.


These items in the narrative are symbolic of status among Ifemelu’s high school friends.

Bananas with Peanuts

These items come to represent comfort and home for Ifemelu. They are given to her by Dike when she breaks up...

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