American Street Fun Activities

Ibi Zoboi
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Lwas of Haiti

The lwas of Haiti play a special role in comforting Fabiola and helping her adapt to the changes in her new life. Research one of the lwas in Haitian Voduo that is not mentioned in the novel. Draw the lwa and write a brief summary of their character.

Cross-Cultural Lwas

Bad Legs is a homeless man who sings on a street corner and who is the American version of Papa Legba. Draw him or one of the other lwas, or one you find in your research, in a Haitian version and in an American version. How are they different from one another? You can do additional research to support their backstory for how they change when they come to America.

Haitian Thanksgiving

When Fabiola cooks a Thanksgiving meal, she uses all the right ingredients, but puts them into different dishes in the Haitian tradition. Create...

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