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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bateman promise to Courtney when he drops her off at a club?
(a) He will park the car and be right in.
(b) He will be back with drugs.
(c) He will love her forever.
(d) He will not kill her.

2. What do Bateman and Price realize about the cocaine they thought they had bought? What does it turn out to be?
(a) Baking soda.
(b) Artificial sweetener.
(c) Flour.
(d) Sugar.

3. What does Bateman argue about with the woman who is working at the dry cleaner when he goes to drop off and pick up laundry?
(a) A stain.
(b) The bags.
(c) The price.
(d) A missing sock.

4. Who does Bateman ask to talk to the dry cleaners for him since he does not have the time to do it himself?
(a) A girl from his apartment.
(b) McDermott.
(c) Evelyn.
(d) Price.

5. Bateman humiliates the manicurist for ________________ when he's at he salon.
(a) Giving him an infection.
(b) Using dirty tools.
(c) Cutting his nails too short.
(d) Taking too long.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bateman moves to a different seat, he feels like the lead singer, ______________, is staring at him and that the two of them make a soul connection.

2. Bateman goes cruising the meat packing district in a ___________ to find women to have sex with.

3. What is the talk show that Bateman likes to watch as a part of his daily morning routine?

4. Bateman picks out the _______________ looking girl on the street, young and blonde, when he goes to the meat packing district.

5. While at dinner, Bateman and his friends discuss questions they might want to send into a magazine. What magazine is discussed?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bateman brush off the girl from his apartment who wants to make a date with him?

2. What does Bateman feel he has embarrassed himself with in the course of the dinner conversation?

3. Why does Bateman walk away from the homeless man that he had blinded in the past?

4. What happens when Paul Owen comes over to the table at Harry's to talk with Bateman and the other men?

5. Why does Bateman decide to go to dinner with his brother, even though he is not very close to him?

6. What are two of the subjects Bateman and his friends discuss when they are out at Harry's?

7. What happens when Bateman decides to go to the store to pick up some groceries for a quiet night in?

8. What does Bateman do with the body of Paul Owen after he murders him? Where does he put it?

9. What does Bateman find out about his date one night with Patricia, as indicated by several messages on his answering machine?

10. How does Bateman ensnare the child when he decides to go to the zoo one day?

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