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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Girl, At Another New Restaurant, Tries to Cook and Eat Girl, Taking an Uzi to the Gym, Chase, Manhattan, Huey Lewis and the News.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when McDermott comes back to the group at Nell's, adding to Bateman's frustration?
(a) He doesn't have any drugs.
(b) He comes back with Luis.
(c) He comes back with another woman.
(d) He comes back completely wasted.

2. Bateman decides to go for a ______________ at a local salon and spa, a part of his routine.
(a) Pedicure.
(b) Haircut.
(c) Waxing.
(d) Facial.

3. Who decides to go get drugs in order to liven things up at Nell's since things are pretty dull for the group?
(a) McDermott.
(b) Bateman.
(c) Taylor.
(d) Owen.

4. What happens when Bateman arrives at his office building? What does he realize?
(a) It's locked up.
(b) He doesn't want to live.
(c) It's the wrong building.
(d) He's lost his gun.

5. Whose initials is the food that Courtney and Evelyn laid out shaped into, or rather attempted to be shaped into?
(a) Evelyn's.
(b) Patrick Bateman's.
(c) Courtney's.
(d) Tim Price's.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the middle of the conversation with his co-worker, Bateman admits he is bored with life and about how he wants to _____________.

2. Who is Luis Carruthers currently dating according to this section of the book?

3. At the club, Bateman buys some _______________ and tries to find a stall for him and Evelyn to take it in.

4. What does Bateman ask Jean to look out for as he wants to buy one when he can?

5. What does Bateman share with Jean that he really hasn't shared with anyone else in his life?

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