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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dry Cleaners, Harry's, Deck Chairs, Business Meeting, Video Store then D'Agostino, Facial.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bateman's secretary remind him that he has to do while he is up and nursing a hangover after the restaurant?
(a) A business trip.
(b) Flowers for his mother.
(c) Shopping for Christmas.
(d) A meeting.

2. McDermott insists to Bateman that his idol, __________________, loves the pizza at Pastels, even though Bateman does not.
(a) John Hughes.
(b) Tom Cruise.
(c) Phil Collins.
(d) Donald Trump.

3. At the dinner at Evelyn's, ____________ remains hostile in her silence when not making unintelligent comments about politics.
(a) The girlfriend.
(b) The artist.
(c) Courtney.
(d) Evelyn.

4. Bateman humiliates the manicurist for ________________ when he's at he salon.
(a) Taking too long.
(b) Using dirty tools.
(c) Giving him an infection.
(d) Cutting his nails too short.

5. When Price and Bateman arrive at Evelyn's, they discover the women have laid out ____________ instead of being ready to go out to eat.
(a) Appetizers.
(b) Sushi.
(c) Steaks.
(d) Pizza.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the talk show that Bateman likes to watch as a part of his daily morning routine?

2. Luis Carruthers discusses his latest trip to _______________ when he is meeting with Bateman at the office.

3. Who does Bateman realize is in love with him and he thinks that he might marry her one day?

4. McDermott tries to talk everyone into sharing a ______________, though Bateman refuses to do so, causing a rift between them.

5. Who is not thrilled with Evelyn's choice in friends, according to the narrative at the start of the book?

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