Objects & Places from American Psycho

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Homeless People

Bateman objectifies these people, turning them into scenery.


Bateman often carries this item in order to kill or maim people as he is walking down the street.


Bateman often stops at this place simply to have extra money to fill his fancy wallet.

Gazelleskin Wallet

Bateman is proud of this item, often pulling it out to show off.

Platinum American Express

Bateman likes to show people that he has one of these.


Bateman wears this almost everywhere he goes, listening to tapes of his favorite music.


These items are a new format that music is being sold in during the late eighties.


Bateman owns the latest in technology for these, often comparing his system to others and finding his is better.

Video Tapes

Bateman likes to rent these items to watch alone in his apartment.


This is a Broadway...

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