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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say Mendy is now obsessed with?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Sex.
(c) Food.
(d) Money.

2. What kind of monks does Merry watch on television as a child?
(a) Chinese.
(b) Korean.
(c) Vietnamese.
(d) Japanese.

3. What religion does Swede practice?
(a) Presbyterianism.
(b) Judaism.
(c) Buddhism.
(d) Catholicism.

4. What does the narrator say Swede is untouched by after their first meeting to write a piece for Swede?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Anything negative.
(c) Other people.
(d) Fear.

5. What does Rita say Swede has to do for her if he wants to see Merry in Chapter 4?
(a) Give her money.
(b) Buy her a house.
(c) Travel with her.
(d) Have sex with her.

6. How old is Nathan as he prepares a speech for his high school reunion in the book?
(a) Fifty-five.
(b) Seventy.
(c) Sixty-five.
(d) Sixty-two.

7. What is the name of the store Swede's father opened after the depression?
(a) Levov Leatherware.
(b) The Car Store.
(c) Newark Maid Leatherware.
(d) Newark Clothing Inc.

8. Which of the following things does the narrator not say Swede's athletic talent obligated him to be?
(a) Deferential.
(b) Confident.
(c) Understanding.
(d) Modest.

9. What is the name of the family that Merry says she stays with when visiting New York in Chapter 3?
(a) Orcutt.
(b) Helpern.
(c) Umanoff.
(d) Levov.

10. What does Swede wonder is connected with his preoccupations regarding Merry at the end of Chapter 4?
(a) His background.
(b) His job.
(c) The kiss he gave Merry.
(d) Dawn.

11. Where did Swede's father open a second location of his store after the depression?
(a) Canada.
(b) Puerto Rico.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Manhattan.

12. What does Swede explain everything about to Rita when they first meet?
(a) Merry.
(b) Children.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Glove making.

13. Where does Merry meet political people and take on a secret life as a teenager?
(a) New Jersey.
(b) New York.
(c) Connecticut.
(d) Massachusetts.

14. Where does Swede take his first wife to receive a facelift?
(a) France.
(b) Italy.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) Germany.

15. Where is the bombing done by the Weathermen with which Swede believes Merry to be involved?
(a) Newark.
(b) Greenwich Village.
(c) Soho.
(d) Portland.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following words does the narrator not use to describe the post-war energy of his neighborhood in Chapter 2?

2. Where is Nathan's friend Alan a superior court judge?

3. The narrator notes what about his neighborhood as a youth?

4. What does the narrator say had not changed about Jerry besides his silly gait?

5. What are both Swede and Merry described as being when they are returning from a seaside cottage in Chapter 3?

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