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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

From the first chapter, it becomes clear that the main characters of this story would be told through a third party as a narrator. This narrator, Nathan Zuckerman, is able to offer a compelling and telling tale of a family wracked by tragedy under a fa├žade of perfection. This lesson will examine the role of the narrator Nathan Zuckerman..


1) Group Activity: Have the class split into groups of four and create a list of the descriptions given to Nathan Zuckerman thus far. After creating the list, have one member from each group share the findings with the rest of class.

2) Class Discussion: What is the nature of the narrator Nathan Zuckerman? What purpose might the author have for telling the story of Swede through the eyes of Nathan? What information can be gathered about the narrator to suggest that the author has imparted...

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