American Pastoral Character Descriptions

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Rita Cohen

This person comes to the glove factory, threatens others, and makes ludicrous demands for money.

Angela Davis

This person was a real-life African American left-wing political activist during the 1960s.

Dorothy Dwyer

This person's life appears to revolve around the Catholic Church.

Jim Dwyer

This person was a plumber who died of a heart attack in 1959.

Mendy Gurlik

This person was the closest the high school had to a delinquent and is now a retired restaurateur.

Joy Helpern

This person is a former high school sweetheart of the narrator.

Dawn Levov

This person was crowned Miss New Jersey and cheats on her husband.

Jerry Levov

This person is aggressive, self-assertive, and has been divorced several times.

Lou Levov

This person is a Jewish immigrant with a firm sense of right and wrong.

Meredith Levov

This person is a militant who bombs post offices.

Merry Levov


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