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Short Answer Questions

1. What do we learn from Van Swieten about Mozart's activities?

2. Despite being unable to block the production, how does Salieri feel at the first performance of Figaro?

3. Why does Mozart dislike operas about lofty individuals and ancient heroes?

4. What does Constanze tell Wolfgang their relationship?

5. How does Rosenberg sum up the effect of 'Non piu andrai'?

Short Essay Questions

1. Comment on the irony of Salieri's situation at the end of this section of the play.

2. How does the death of Kapellmeister Bonno affect Salieri?

3. How does The Magic Flute precipitate a serious falling-out between Mozart and Van Swieten?

4. In addition to his personal battle with Mozart, how is the deterioration of Salieri's relationship with God demonstrated in this part of the play?

5. How does Salieri's power over Mozart intensify?

6. What does Mozart tell Salieri at the end of this section of the play?

7. How is the Emperor a danger to Salieri's plan to destroy Mozart?

8. What happens in this scene to essentially perform the coup-de-grace for Mozart?

9. Comment on the philosophical contrast between Mozart and Van Swieten and Von Strack.

10. What is unusual about Mozart's vision of opera?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Amadeus qualify as an example of tragedy? Is there a tragic hero and what makes him such?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the way in which jealousy is dealt with in Amadeus. How has this affected the lives of at least TWO characters? You might like to consider the effects on personality as well as life outcome.

Essay Topic 3

In what ways do you think the problem of 'appearances versus reality' is crucial to the play Amadeus?

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