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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Salieri's career progressed?
(a) He writes smash hit operas and becomes exceedingly rich and famous.
(b) He works hard, writes one hit, then loses favor to Mozart.
(c) He is successful, seen as a superior composer to Mozart.
(d) He works hard and has some success.

2. What is Mozart's response to Constanze's dancing?
(a) He tells her to sit down and shut up.
(b) He chases her around the room.
(c) He grabs her and starts kissing her.
(d) He picks her up and puts her to bed.

3. What does Salieri find distasteful about the audience?
(a) That they smell of sweat and sausage.
(b) That they smell of sweat and coal dust.
(c) That they dress badly and applaud in the wrong places.
(d) That they are unwashed and smell of garlic.

4. What desperate measure of Mozart's do the Venticelli inform Salieri about?
(a) His pawning his wife's jewelery.
(b) His begging money from the Masons.
(c) His betting his coat at a card game.
(d) His begging in the streets of Vienna.

5. How does Mozart receive a little help?
(a) Salieri pays him a fee to arrange music by Bach.
(b) Van Swieten pays him a small fee to arrange music by Bach.
(c) The Emperor commisions a cantata.
(d) Van Swieten gives him a small fee to arrange music by Gluck.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Mozart first travel to London?

2. Despite being unable to block the production, how does Salieri feel at the first performance of Figaro?

3. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?

4. Why are the Mozarts cold?

5. What is the tone of Salieri's comment that 'Our religion' is largely based on waxworks?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Salieri's power over Mozart intensify?

2. What is Salieri's fate?

3. What information does the Venticelli convey to Salieri?

4. In what way is the dying Mozart presented to us as a Christ-like martyr?

5. In what way does Salieri use the information from the Venticelli to take further action against Mozart?

6. What is unusual about Mozart's vision of opera?

7. In what way is Mozart 'resurrected'?

8. What disturbing aspect of 'appearances versus reality' does Salieri allude to in his opening speech in Act 2 of Amadeus?

9. How does The Magic Flute precipitate a serious falling-out between Mozart and Van Swieten?

10. What is the significance of 'the figure in gray' that haunts Mozart's dreams?

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