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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Salieri's comments about the Viennese suggest they are . . .
(a) Cultured.
(b) Tasteful.
(c) Shallow.
(d) Devious.

2. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?
(a) Two hundred florins a week.
(b) Two thousand florins a year.
(c) Two hundred florins a month.
(d) Two hundred florins a year.

3. How does Mozart receive a little help?
(a) The Emperor commisions a cantata.
(b) Van Swieten gives him a small fee to arrange music by Gluck.
(c) Van Swieten pays him a small fee to arrange music by Bach.
(d) Salieri pays him a fee to arrange music by Bach.

4. Why are the Mozarts cold?
(a) The central heating boiler has failed.
(b) The building has no heating.
(c) They can't afford to connect the heating.
(d) They can't afford wood for a fire.

5. What does Salieri know that the Venticelli do not?
(a) Mozart is writing his Requiem Mass.
(b) Mozart is writing long letters to Constanze.
(c) Mozart is writing his clarinet concerto.
(d) Mozart is writing secretly to Schikaneder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word describes Salieri's success and what he has bought with it?

2. Who is Schikaneder?

3. Where does Salieri next meet Mozart?

4. What wish of Salieri's is granted at this point?

5. What promise to Mozart does Salieri fail to honor?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does The Magic Flute precipitate a serious falling-out between Mozart and Van Swieten?

2. In what way is Mozart's tendency to plain speaking working against him, according to the Venticelli?

3. What is implied by the Emperor's comment to Salieri regarding music and the Princess Elizabeth?

4. What happens to make The Marriage of Figaro a failure in its first year?

5. In what way does Salieri use the information from the Venticelli to take further action against Mozart?

6. Comment on the philosophical contrast between Mozart and Van Swieten and Von Strack.

7. What is the significance of Salieri's words: " alone was empowered to recognize them for what they were'?

8. How is the Emperor a danger to Salieri's plan to destroy Mozart?

9. How does Salieri change focus in his struggle against God and His instrument, Mozart?

10. In addition to his personal battle with Mozart, how is the deterioration of Salieri's relationship with God demonstrated in this part of the play?

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