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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Constanze's return to Salieri show us?
(a) That she is a sex addict.
(b) That she is prepared to make a great sacrifice for the husband she loves.
(c) That Salieri is compellingly attractive to women.
(d) That she is a loose and dishonorable woman.

2. How does Mozart view Salieri at this point?
(a) As an inspiring musician who is good and kind.
(b) As a fine musician.
(c) As a kind but impatient man.
(d) As a kind and good man.

3. Which character has been deeply upset by Mozart's desperate behavior?
(a) Salieri.
(b) The Baroness.
(c) The Emperor Joseph II.
(d) Van Swieten.

4. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?
(a) Two hundred florins a year.
(b) Two hundred florins a month.
(c) Two thousand florins a year.
(d) Two hundred florins a week.

5. What does Salieri recognize in Figaro's song 'Non piu andrai'?
(a) Mozart's variations on 'Twinkle, Little Star'.
(b) Salieri's own overture to Semiramide.
(c) Salieri's own little 'March of Welcome'.
(d) A phrase from the Dies Irae.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Salieri speaks of 'the Creature,' to whom is he referring?

2. What does Salieri do when he looks over the manuscript for the Requiem Mass?

3. What is Salieri determined now to do?

4. Who does Constanze blame for the Mozarts' present plight?

5. In conversation with Salieri, what attitude to his father does Mozart display?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is the dying Mozart presented to us as a Christ-like martyr?

2. In addition to his personal battle with Mozart, how is the deterioration of Salieri's relationship with God demonstrated in this part of the play?

3. What are the indications of decline that Salieri observes when he meets Wolfgang and Constanze in the Prater?

4. In what way is Mozart's tendency to plain speaking working against him, according to the Venticelli?

5. How does Salieri change focus in his struggle against God and His instrument, Mozart?

6. What happens to make The Marriage of Figaro a failure in its first year?

7. What information does the Venticelli convey to Salieri?

8. What is the importance of the scene in which Salieri's home is contrasted with that of the Mozart family?

9. How is the Emperor a danger to Salieri's plan to destroy Mozart?

10. What does Mozart tell Salieri at the end of this section of the play?

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