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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is frightening Constanze?
(a) Having a second baby.
(b) Mozart and the story of his dream.
(c) The possibility of Mozart being expelled from the Masonic Lodge.
(d) Their poverty.

2. What wish of Salieri's is granted at this point?
(a) Mozart falls desperately ill.
(b) He is given a Papal kinighthood.
(c) He is appointed Kappellmeister on Rosenberg's death.
(d) He is appointed Kappellmeister on Bonno's death.

3. What does Salieri find a compensation for ghastly encounters at the Baroness's?
(a) His favorite crema al mascarpone.
(b) Watching Mozart suffer.
(c) The creative ideas that follow.
(d) Eating eclairs in secret.

4. Who is the Guilty Libertine Salieri refers to?
(a) Don Giovanni.
(b) Antonio Salieri himself.
(c) Leopold Mozart.
(d) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

5. Who does Constanze blame for the Mozarts' present plight?
(a) Her husband, Wolfgang.
(b) Salieri.
(c) Her unborn baby.
(d) Her father-in-law, Leopold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mozart disclose to Salieri at the beginning of the next scene?

2. Why do Constanze and Wolfgang stop their private game?

3. What do we learn from Van Swieten about Mozart's activities?

4. For Mozart, what is the outcome of his work for Schikaneder?

5. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?

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