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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation does Salieri give the Emporer for not choosing Mozart as the Princess Elizabeth's music tutor?
(a) He tells the Emperor Mozart's fees are too high.
(b) He tells the Emperor Mozart is too busy.
(c) He tells the Emperor Mozart might influence the Princess politically.
(d) He informs the Emperor that Mozart cannot be trusted around young women.

2. What is it that Mozart intends to adapt and include in his vaudeville opera?
(a) Secret Masonic rituals.
(b) Secrets of Dionysus
(c) Obscure Catholic rituals.
(d) A Requiem Mass.

3. What does Constanze's return to Salieri show us?
(a) That Salieri is compellingly attractive to women.
(b) That she is a sex addict.
(c) That she is prepared to make a great sacrifice for the husband she loves.
(d) That she is a loose and dishonorable woman.

4. According to the Venticelli, how many pupils does Mozart have?
(a) No more than sixteen.
(b) Seven at the most.
(c) Six at the most.
(d) Four at the most.

5. What does Mozart suggest is the answer to his problems?
(a) He could find more pupils.
(b) He could apply to the Emperor for a new position.
(c) He could go to England, where music is loved.
(d) He could go to Prague to premiere an opera.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Salieri find distasteful about the audience?

2. How does Rosenberg sum up the effect of 'Non piu andrai'?

3. Who is Schikaneder?

4. What does Mozart disclose to Salieri at the beginning of the next scene?

5. What does Salieri notice about Mozart during the applause for the opera?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in this scene to essentially perform the coup-de-grace for Mozart?

2. In what way is the dying Mozart presented to us as a Christ-like martyr?

3. What is implied by the Emperor's comment to Salieri regarding music and the Princess Elizabeth?

4. What information does the Venticelli convey to Salieri?

5. How does Salieri's power over Mozart intensify?

6. In what way does Salieri use the information from the Venticelli to take further action against Mozart?

7. What is unusual about Mozart's vision of opera?

8. Comment on the irony of Salieri's situation at the end of this section of the play.

9. What is the importance of the scene in which Salieri's home is contrasted with that of the Mozart family?

10. Comment on Salieri's actions as Mozart's illness and obsession overtake him.

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