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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How could Constanze secure for husband the job of tutor to Princess Elizabeth?
(a) By sleeping with Salieri.
(b) By bribing Salieri.
(c) By sending Mozart's CV to Count Rosenberg, along with a bribe.
(d) By sleeping with Count Rosenberg.

2. How does Salieri describe Mozart at the end of this scene?
(a) As an obscene child.
(b) As an obscene gypsy.
(c) As a naive child.
(d) As a heavenly presence.

3. What is Salieri's occupation at this time?
(a) Kappellmeister.
(b) Court Musician.
(c) Court Conductor.
(d) Court Composer.

4. Where does Salieri finally meet Mozart?
(a) At Baroness Waldstadten's.
(b) At the Belvedere.
(c) At the Imperial Palace.
(d) At the Statsoper.

5. What causes Mozart to stop his silliness on this occasion?
(a) The idea for some new music.
(b) Respect for the Baroness.
(c) Constanze's annoyance.
(d) The mention of his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Salieri compare the opening measures of the music he hears?

2. Who prompts the Emperor's response to the opera?

3. What causes Salieri physical pain as he listens to the piece?

4. How does Mozart react when the Major-Domo enters?

5. How does Salieri cope with his insight into Mozart's talent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What attitude towards the Emperor does Salieri display in the first scene of this section of the play?

2. What happens in this section of the play to fertilize the growing seed of Salieri's murderous ideas?

3. What is important about the discussion between Von Strack, Rosenberg and Van Swieten?

4. Why does Salieri rush out into the street on hearing Mozart's music?

5. How does Salieri come to change his mind about meeting Mozart?

6. What is the problem with Salieri's drive for fame?

7. What strategy does Salieri use in his attempt to seduce Constanze?

8. In what way is the 'calf-measuring scene' ironic?

9. What does Salieri do to cope with the psychic blow he has received through hearing Mozart's music?

10. In what ways does Salieri work to undermine Mozart in this section of the play?

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