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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Salieri physical pain as he listens to the piece?
(a) The number of notes--there are too many to follow.
(b) Its discord and atonality.
(c) Its frequent strange modulations.
(d) Its intense beauty.

2. What philosophic age does Salieri refer to in his first speech for this section of the play?
(a) The Age of Modernism.
(b) The Platonic Age.
(c) The Age of the Feuilletons.
(d) The Age of Englightenment

3. In which room at the Baroness's does Salieri first see Mozart?
(a) The music room.
(b) The library.
(c) The atrium.
(d) The ballroom.

4. Which notable woman is the Emperor's sister?
(a) Marie Curie.
(b) Maria Theresa.
(c) Marie Antionette.
(d) Marie Ste Juste.

5. How does Salieri cope with his insight into Mozart's talent?
(a) He throws himself into work.
(b) He composes an opera about it.
(c) He falls into depression.
(d) He complains to one of his committees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What quality does Salieri say he requires in a wife?

2. What does the Emperor say would be fun?

3. How does Mozart defend his work?

4. Who presently holds the position Salieri covets?

5. What causes Mozart to stop his silliness on this occasion?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways does Salieri work to undermine Mozart in this section of the play?

2. Account for Salieri's shout from the chair as he listens to Mozart and Constanze play their bawdy game.

3. What is Van Swieten's attitude to Salieri at this point in the play?

4. For what reason might the scene in the Baroness's library be considered ironic?

5. In what way is the 'calf-measuring scene' ironic?

6. What strategy does Salieri use in his attempt to seduce Constanze?

7. Comment on Salieri's appeal to 'the ghosts of the future'.

8. What is the problem with Salieri's drive for fame?

9. In what way does Salieri believe God is torturing him?

10. What happens in this section of the play to fertilize the growing seed of Salieri's murderous ideas?

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