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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Salieri find a compensation for ghastly encounters at the Baroness's?
(a) The creative ideas that follow.
(b) Eating eclairs in secret.
(c) His favorite crema al mascarpone.
(d) Watching Mozart suffer.

2. What does Constanze's return to Salieri show us?
(a) That she is a loose and dishonorable woman.
(b) That she is prepared to make a great sacrifice for the husband she loves.
(c) That Salieri is compellingly attractive to women.
(d) That she is a sex addict.

3. How has Katharina Cavalieri changed since she was last seen?
(a) She is sluttish and over-ornamented.
(b) She is better dressed.
(c) She is thin and has dyed her hair.
(d) She now has many wrinkles.

4. Of what does Van Swieten accuse Mozart?
(a) Of betraying Salieri by sleeping with his mistress.
(b) Of betraying the Masonic Lodge and vulgarizing its rituals.
(c) Of betraying his wife with a vulgar woman.
(d) Of betraying Austria through Masonic rituals.

5. Despite being unable to block the production, how does Salieri feel at the first performance of Figaro?
(a) Strange and light-headed.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Strangely excited.
(d) Strangely exhilerated.

6. Who does Mozart blame for his disappoint in the matter of Princess Elizabeth?
(a) Salieri.
(b) His father.
(c) Himself.
(d) Constanze.

7. How did Leopold Mozart respond to his son's request?
(a) He suggested a compromise.
(b) He accapted readily.
(c) He refused
(d) He did not reply.

8. What event has taken place in the Mozart household?
(a) Their servant has had a baby boy.
(b) A baby daughter has been born.
(c) A baby son has been born.
(d) Leopold Mozart has come to live with Wolfgang and Constanze.

9. Why is Mozart so enthusiastic about vocal quartets?
(a) These allow audiences to hear from four different characters in the same moments of time.
(b) They are popular already, so they will find a ready audience.
(c) These give work to more musicians.
(d) The royalty payments are higher than if only one person is singing.

10. How does Salieri refer to Mozart?
(a) As the Creation.
(b) As the Creeper.
(c) As the Croatian.
(d) As the Creature.

11. What does Salieri recognize in Figaro's song 'Non piu andrai'?
(a) Mozart's variations on 'Twinkle, Little Star'.
(b) Salieri's own overture to Semiramide.
(c) A phrase from the Dies Irae.
(d) Salieri's own little 'March of Welcome'.

12. What salary does Salieri recommend Mozart be paid?
(a) Two hundred florins a week.
(b) Two hundred florins a year.
(c) Two thousand florins a year.
(d) Two hundred florins a month.

13. What promise to Mozart does Salieri fail to honor?
(a) That he will help Mozart by re-writing the act.
(b) That he will speak to the Emperor about attending a rehearsal.
(c) That he will explain the mistake to Orsini-Rosenberg.
(d) That he will speak to the Emperor about the tutoring work with Princess Elizabeth.

14. Who does Salieri claim is the inspiration for the Ghost in Don Giovanni?
(a) God.
(b) Leopold Mozart.
(c) Chris Gluck.
(d) Old Papa Haydn.

15. How does Salieri dress in order to frighten Mozart?
(a) In a black cloak and gray mask.
(b) As a Janus figure in a green cloak.
(c) In a part-colored clown suit.
(d) In a gray cloak and mask.

Short Answer Questions

1. What troubles does Mozart tell Salieri he has?

2. What works has Mozart written during the same time?

3. What is the tone of Salieri's comment that 'Our religion' is largely based on waxworks?

4. Who does Constanze blame for the Mozarts' present plight?

5. What makes Von Strack very cross?

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