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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Mozart first travel to London?
(a) The previous year, for a concert tour.
(b) When he was a child.
(c) When he was twenty.
(d) Mozart has never been to London.

2. Music from which of Mozart's operas is played as Salieri muses during the transition between scenes?
(a) Cosi Fan Tutte.
(b) The Magic Flute.
(c) Florestan.
(d) Idomeneo.

3. How did Leopold Mozart respond to his son's request?
(a) He refused
(b) He did not reply.
(c) He accapted readily.
(d) He suggested a compromise.

4. How does Mozart receive a little help?
(a) Salieri pays him a fee to arrange music by Bach.
(b) Van Swieten gives him a small fee to arrange music by Gluck.
(c) The Emperor commisions a cantata.
(d) Van Swieten pays him a small fee to arrange music by Bach.

5. What desperate measure of Mozart's do the Venticelli inform Salieri about?
(a) His pawning his wife's jewelery.
(b) His betting his coat at a card game.
(c) His begging money from the Masons.
(d) His begging in the streets of Vienna.

6. How does Baron Van Swieten enter the Theater by the Weiden?
(a) With some ceremony.
(b) Quickly.
(c) Unobserved,
(d) In disguise.

7. How does Salieri refer to Mozart?
(a) As the Creation.
(b) As the Croatian.
(c) As the Creeper.
(d) As the Creature.

8. How does Mozart react to news of his salary?
(a) With delight.
(b) With skepticism.
(c) With delight and gratitude.
(d) With disappointment and anger.

9. What does Mozart suggest is the answer to his problems?
(a) He could go to England, where music is loved.
(b) He could go to Prague to premiere an opera.
(c) He could find more pupils.
(d) He could apply to the Emperor for a new position.

10. What did Mozart ask his father to do?
(a) Mind his son while he was away in England.
(b) Provide him with an income.
(c) Mind his son while Constanze had a second baby.
(d) Provide him with an endowment for his son.

11. Despite being unable to block the production, how does Salieri feel at the first performance of Figaro?
(a) Strangely exhilerated.
(b) Strange and light-headed.
(c) Strangely excited.
(d) Nervous.

12. Why does Mozart dislike operas about lofty individuals and ancient heroes?
(a) He believes this will make the art form decline.
(b) He thinks all opera should be funny.
(c) He believes they are too hard for singers to master.
(d) He believes opera should be about real people.

13. Who writes an opera that is the talk of the city of Vienna, according to the Venticelli?
(a) Rossini.
(b) Salieri.
(c) Richard Strauss.
(d) Mozart.

14. Salieri's comments about the Viennese suggest they are . . .
(a) Tasteful.
(b) Devious.
(c) Cultured.
(d) Shallow.

15. What strange insight does Mozart seem to have regarding the Figaro problems?
(a) That Salieri is behind it all.
(b) That God is conspiring against him.
(c) That Orsini-Rosenberg is behind it all.
(d) That God wants him to be humbled.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which character does Salieri give the name La Statua?

2. What does Salieri know that the Venticelli do not?

3. What does Salieri do when he looks over the manuscript for the Requiem Mass?

4. When Salieri speaks of 'the Creature,' to whom is he referring?

5. Who does Mozart blame for his disappoint in the matter of Princess Elizabeth?

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