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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Salieri do when he looks over the manuscript for the Requiem Mass?
(a) He burns it.
(b) He puts it in the bin.
(c) He tears it up.
(d) He pours ink all over it.

2. What works has Mozart written during the same time?
(a) Music for the popular theatre.
(b) The opera Guilio Cesere.
(c) Keyboard concerti and the string quartets.
(d) Only two violin concerti.

3. Why are the Mozarts cold?
(a) They can't afford wood for a fire.
(b) The building has no heating.
(c) They can't afford to connect the heating.
(d) The central heating boiler has failed.

4. How does Baron Van Swieten enter the Theater by the Weiden?
(a) Quickly.
(b) In disguise.
(c) With some ceremony.
(d) Unobserved,

5. What is the effect of the Emperor's yawn?
(a) The opera is hardly every performed.
(b) Mozart is crushed emotionally and Salieri is delighted.
(c) Mozart is crushed emotionally and Salieri must show his sympathy.
(d) Encores will be banned in the future.

6. For Mozart, what is the outcome of his work for Schikaneder?
(a) There is talk of a further opera to be written.
(b) He gains nothing.
(c) He gains nothing except money to buy alcohol.
(d) He gains a little, but insufficient to cover his debts.

7. What is Mozart's response when the figure (Salieri) beckons under his window?
(a) He sings part of The Catalogue Song from Don Giovanni.
(b) He calls down a quotation from Don Giovanni--where the Don invites the Statue to dinner.
(c) He hums Eine Kleine Nachtsmusik and beckons the figure in return.
(d) He laughs crazily and almost falls from the window.

8. Which composer wrote the opera Semiramide performed in Munich?
(a) Delibes.
(b) Mozart.
(c) Froissart.
(d) Salieri.

9. How does Salieri dress in order to frighten Mozart?
(a) In a part-colored clown suit.
(b) In a black cloak and gray mask.
(c) In a gray cloak and mask.
(d) As a Janus figure in a green cloak.

10. What troubles does Mozart tell Salieri he has?
(a) Money woes and memories of his late father.
(b) Worries concerning Constanze's pregnancy.
(c) Money woes and family illnesses.
(d) Physical pains and bad dreams.

11. What is Salieri's response to The Magic Flute?
(a) He sees it as full of cleansing and peace.
(b) He doesn't understand it.
(c) He is outraged at the use of Masonic ritual.
(d) He despises it for its jokes.

12. How is the Emperor likely to foil Salieri's plans?
(a) By offering to pay Mozart's rent.
(b) By offering Mozart an apartment at the palace.
(c) By sending Salieri away to Italy.
(d) By offering Mozart a court position.

13. What does Salieri recognize in Figaro's song 'Non piu andrai'?
(a) Salieri's own little 'March of Welcome'.
(b) A phrase from the Dies Irae.
(c) Mozart's variations on 'Twinkle, Little Star'.
(d) Salieri's own overture to Semiramide.

14. How does Salieri now plan to destroy Mozart?
(a) By driving him into destitution.
(b) By poisoning him with arsenic.
(c) By turning Constanze against him.
(d) By getting the Venticelli to spread malicious rumors.

15. What does Salieri find a compensation for ghastly encounters at the Baroness's?
(a) The creative ideas that follow.
(b) Eating eclairs in secret.
(c) His favorite crema al mascarpone.
(d) Watching Mozart suffer.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Salieri refer to Mozart?

2. What did Mozart ask his father to do?

3. What does Salieri know that the Venticelli do not?

4. What makes Von Strack very cross?

5. When did Mozart first travel to London?

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