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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promise to Mozart does Salieri fail to honor?
(a) That he will speak to the Emperor about attending a rehearsal.
(b) That he will speak to the Emperor about the tutoring work with Princess Elizabeth.
(c) That he will explain the mistake to Orsini-Rosenberg.
(d) That he will help Mozart by re-writing the act.

2. What does Mozart suggest is the answer to his problems?
(a) He could apply to the Emperor for a new position.
(b) He could go to Prague to premiere an opera.
(c) He could find more pupils.
(d) He could go to England, where music is loved.

3. Why does Mozart dislike operas about lofty individuals and ancient heroes?
(a) He thinks all opera should be funny.
(b) He believes they are too hard for singers to master.
(c) He believes opera should be about real people.
(d) He believes this will make the art form decline.

4. What did Mozart ask his father to do?
(a) Mind his son while Constanze had a second baby.
(b) Provide him with an income.
(c) Provide him with an endowment for his son.
(d) Mind his son while he was away in England.

5. What does Constanze's return to Salieri show us?
(a) That Salieri is compellingly attractive to women.
(b) That she is a loose and dishonorable woman.
(c) That she is prepared to make a great sacrifice for the husband she loves.
(d) That she is a sex addict.

6. 'It celebrates . . . the goddess in Woman and not the laundress' is a reference to what>
(a) Lieder.
(b) Opera.
(c) The Feast of the Annunciation.
(d) Drama.

7. For what reason does Mozart reject the idea of giving more concerts?
(a) He says he is no longer fashionable.
(b) He says he can't afford to rent a hall.
(c) He says he has lost his gifts as a virtuoso.
(d) He says he has arthritic pain in his fingers.

8. What strange insight does Mozart seem to have regarding the Figaro problems?
(a) That Orsini-Rosenberg is behind it all.
(b) That God is conspiring against him.
(c) That Salieri is behind it all.
(d) That God wants him to be humbled.

9. Why is Mozart so enthusiastic about vocal quartets?
(a) These give work to more musicians.
(b) These allow audiences to hear from four different characters in the same moments of time.
(c) They are popular already, so they will find a ready audience.
(d) The royalty payments are higher than if only one person is singing.

10. With news of his father's death, what aspects of himself does Mozart now reveal?
(a) His towering ego and indifference.
(b) His morbid tendencies and his hunger for money.
(c) His childishness and dependence.
(d) His vulverability and shame.

11. Who does Salieri claim is the inspiration for the Ghost in Don Giovanni?
(a) God.
(b) Chris Gluck.
(c) Old Papa Haydn.
(d) Leopold Mozart.

12. How does Salieri dress in order to frighten Mozart?
(a) As a Janus figure in a green cloak.
(b) In a black cloak and gray mask.
(c) In a gray cloak and mask.
(d) In a part-colored clown suit.

13. What is the meaning of the gestures Salieri makes outside Mozart's window?
(a) It is a countdown to death.
(b) It indicates the Grim Reaper.
(c) It is a symbol of the Egyptian god Osiris.
(d) It is an obscure Masonic ritual.

14. How does Rosenberg sum up the effect of 'Non piu andrai'?
(a) He says it is too vernacular.
(b) He says it it too intense.
(c) He says it is showy.
(d) He says it is vulgar.

15. How is the Emperor likely to foil Salieri's plans?
(a) By sending Salieri away to Italy.
(b) By offering Mozart an apartment at the palace.
(c) By offering to pay Mozart's rent.
(d) By offering Mozart a court position.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the Mozarts cold?

2. What is frightening Constanze?

3. What desperate measure of Mozart's do the Venticelli inform Salieri about?

4. What choice is Mozart given?

5. What is Mozart's response to Constanze's dancing?

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