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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pays for Mozart's funeral?
(a) The Emperor.
(b) Baron Van Swieten.
(c) Frau Weber.
(d) Count Orsini-Rosenberg

2. What does Salieri know that the Venticelli do not?
(a) Mozart is writing long letters to Constanze.
(b) Mozart is writing his Requiem Mass.
(c) Mozart is writing his clarinet concerto.
(d) Mozart is writing secretly to Schikaneder.

3. What does Mozart suggest is the answer to his problems?
(a) He could go to Prague to premiere an opera.
(b) He could apply to the Emperor for a new position.
(c) He could go to England, where music is loved.
(d) He could find more pupils.

4. What is frightening Constanze?
(a) Their poverty.
(b) Having a second baby.
(c) The possibility of Mozart being expelled from the Masonic Lodge.
(d) Mozart and the story of his dream.

5. Salieri's comments about the Viennese suggest they are . . .
(a) Shallow.
(b) Devious.
(c) Tasteful.
(d) Cultured.

6. Which famous composer calls Mozart's work 'unsurpassed'?
(a) Rossini.
(b) Haydn.
(c) Handel.
(d) Beethoven.

7. What does Constanze suggest might cure her husband's bad dreams?
(a) A visit to the spa.
(b) Work.
(c) A better house.
(d) Laudanum.

8. What does Constanze's return to Salieri show us?
(a) That she is a loose and dishonorable woman.
(b) That she is a sex addict.
(c) That she is prepared to make a great sacrifice for the husband she loves.
(d) That Salieri is compellingly attractive to women.

9. Why is Mozart so enthusiastic about vocal quartets?
(a) The royalty payments are higher than if only one person is singing.
(b) These give work to more musicians.
(c) These allow audiences to hear from four different characters in the same moments of time.
(d) They are popular already, so they will find a ready audience.

10. How does Mozart react to news of his salary?
(a) With disappointment and anger.
(b) With delight.
(c) With delight and gratitude.
(d) With skepticism.

11. What wish of Salieri's is granted at this point?
(a) He is appointed Kappellmeister on Rosenberg's death.
(b) He is given a Papal kinighthood.
(c) Mozart falls desperately ill.
(d) He is appointed Kappellmeister on Bonno's death.

12. What new work is Mozart considering?
(a) A Vaudeville for ordinary German people.
(b) A new comic opera for the Emperor.
(c) A grand opera for ordinary German people.
(d) A Requiem Mass for Schikaneder.

13. Why do Constanze and Wolfgang stop their private game?
(a) Constanze faints.
(b) They hear Salieri coming.
(c) They are tired and cold.
(d) Constanze goes into labor.

14. For what reason does Mozart reject the idea of giving more concerts?
(a) He says he has lost his gifts as a virtuoso.
(b) He says he can't afford to rent a hall.
(c) He says he is no longer fashionable.
(d) He says he has arthritic pain in his fingers.

15. What suggestion does Salieri make to Mozart?
(a) That it should be about brotherly love.
(b) That he write a sequel to Seraglio.
(c) That he put the Masons into it.
(d) That it should be about Egyptians.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the problem concerning The Marriage of Figaro?

2. With news of his father's death, what aspects of himself does Mozart now reveal?

3. What strange insight does Mozart seem to have regarding the Figaro problems?

4. How did Leopold Mozart respond to his son's request?

5. What is the meaning of the gestures Salieri makes outside Mozart's window?

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