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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the tone of Salieri's comment that 'Our religion' is largely based on waxworks?
(a) Soppy.
(b) Sarcastic.
(c) Serious.
(d) Sweet.

2. What does Salieri know that the Venticelli do not?
(a) Mozart is writing his clarinet concerto.
(b) Mozart is writing long letters to Constanze.
(c) Mozart is writing his Requiem Mass.
(d) Mozart is writing secretly to Schikaneder.

3. What is frightening Constanze?
(a) Their poverty.
(b) Mozart and the story of his dream.
(c) The possibility of Mozart being expelled from the Masonic Lodge.
(d) Having a second baby.

4. What is the final blow for Mozart?
(a) A letter from Constanze saying she will never return.
(b) The unmasking of Salieri and his despair over money.
(c) His unmasking of Salieri and recognition of his villainous betrayal.
(d) His unmasking of Salieri and his despair over the damaged manuscript.

5. How does Rosenberg sum up the effect of 'Non piu andrai'?
(a) He says it is showy.
(b) He says it is too vernacular.
(c) He says it it too intense.
(d) He says it is vulgar.

6. How does Salieri refer to Mozart?
(a) As the Creation.
(b) As the Creeper.
(c) As the Croatian.
(d) As the Creature.

7. For Mozart, what is the outcome of his work for Schikaneder?
(a) He gains nothing.
(b) There is talk of a further opera to be written.
(c) He gains a little, but insufficient to cover his debts.
(d) He gains nothing except money to buy alcohol.

8. What does Mozart suggest is the answer to his problems?
(a) He could find more pupils.
(b) He could go to England, where music is loved.
(c) He could apply to the Emperor for a new position.
(d) He could go to Prague to premiere an opera.

9. What is Salieri determined now to do?
(a) To block God by writing better music than Mozart can.
(b) To block God in one of his purest manifestations--Mozart.
(c) To block Mozart, thus serve God more fully.
(d) To serve God all his days.

10. How has Salieri's career progressed?
(a) He works hard and has some success.
(b) He works hard, writes one hit, then loses favor to Mozart.
(c) He writes smash hit operas and becomes exceedingly rich and famous.
(d) He is successful, seen as a superior composer to Mozart.

11. What does Salieri notice about Mozart during the applause for the opera?
(a) That he is disappointed in the staging.
(b) His frailty and mortality.
(c) His shabby clothes.
(d) His drunken state.

12. Who does Salieri claim is the inspiration for the Ghost in Don Giovanni?
(a) Old Papa Haydn.
(b) God.
(c) Leopold Mozart.
(d) Chris Gluck.

13. How is the Emperor likely to foil Salieri's plans?
(a) By offering Mozart an apartment at the palace.
(b) By offering to pay Mozart's rent.
(c) By offering Mozart a court position.
(d) By sending Salieri away to Italy.

14. What strange insight does Mozart seem to have regarding the Figaro problems?
(a) That God is conspiring against him.
(b) That Salieri is behind it all.
(c) That Orsini-Rosenberg is behind it all.
(d) That God wants him to be humbled.

15. How does Mozart describe opera's importance?
(a) He says it is safer than any play.
(b) He says it will be heard by God.
(c) He says it will be remembered forever.
(d) He says it is realer than any play.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character has been deeply upset by Mozart's desperate behavior?

2. When Salieri speaks of 'the Creature,' to whom is he referring?

3. Who is the Guilty Libertine Salieri refers to?

4. What has happened to Leopold Mozart's letters?

5. What other virtue does Salieri relinquish?

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