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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What influences Mozart to make wildly tactless utterings at Bonno's house?
(a) Alcohol--he is drunk.
(b) His arrogance.
(c) He has been listening to Salieri's Venticelli.
(d) He has been taking laudanum.

2. In the context of the play, how long has it been since Mozart's death?
(a) Thirty years.
(b) Fifty-three years.
(c) Thirty-four years.
(d) Thirty-two years.

3. What is Baron Van Swieten's nickname?
(a) 'Wolferl.'
(b) 'Pianocello.'
(c) 'Lord Fugue.'
(d) 'Lord Van Fugue.'

4. Who plays the 'march of welcome' for Mozart?
(a) Count Orsini-Rosenberg.
(b) Von Strack.
(c) Salieri.
(d) The Emperor.

5. How does Salieri get his hands on some of Mozart's manuscripts?
(a) He steals them.
(b) He buys them from a second-hand dealer.
(c) The Venticelli bring them to him.
(d) He bribes a servant to steal them.

6. What is the Emperor's judgment of the opera.
(a) 'Too many notes.'
(b) 'Too many costumes.'
(c) 'Too many songs.'
(d) 'Too many high notes.'

7. How does Salieri reward his Venticelli?
(a) He gets them jobs at the palace.
(b) He gives them cakes.
(c) He buys them dinner.
(d) He gives them money.

8. How does Salieri refer to his servants?
(a) As The gossiping Ventrecelli.
(b) As The Keeper of the Razor and The Maker of the Cakes.
(c) As the Kappellmeister's Baker and The Keeper of the Salt.
(d) As The Keeper of the Purse and The Maker of the Cakes.

9. What surprises Salieri's servants?
(a) That he is sick of eating cakes.
(b) That he will shave himself in future.
(c) His declaration that he will not go to bed that night.
(d) That he will eat cakes in bed that night.

10. Why is a party being held at Baroness Waldstadten's?
(a) To celebrate the Feast of the Assumption.
(b) To celebrate Salieri's birthday.
(c) To celebrate the Emperor's birthday.
(d) To celebrate New Year's Eve.

11. Who invites Salieri to join the Masons?
(a) Emperor Joseph II
(b) Count Rosenberg.
(c) Leopold Mozart.
(d) Baron Van Swieten.

12. How does Mozart react when the Major-Domo enters?
(a) He is excited and full of anticipation.
(b) He is annoyed.
(c) He is embarrassed.
(d) He is happy.

13. Where does Salieri finally meet Mozart?
(a) At the Statsoper.
(b) At the Imperial Palace.
(c) At Baroness Waldstadten's.
(d) At the Belvedere.

14. What does Salieri ask of the audience/'Ghosts of the future'?
(a) To be his confessors.
(b) To intercede for him with the saints.
(c) To recognise his music.
(d) To praise his music.

15. What does Salieri feel he needs to make his 'last audience' appear?
(a) A circumlocution.
(b) A salutation.
(c) An invocation.
(d) An imbrocation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mozart's reaction to Constanze's game with the Venticelli?

2. What animal is Constanze imitating?

3. What is ironic about court musicians and their employers?

4. What does Salieri view as the secret of successful living?

5. What philosophic age does Salieri refer to in his first speech for this section of the play?

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