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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Jack's marriage?
(a) It does not last long.
(b) It ends when his wife dies.
(c) He and his wife are separated.
(d) He and his wife have a long distance marriage.

2. How does Adam react to Coffee's request?
(a) He tells Coffee to talk to the governor.
(b) He tells Coffee he will consider his request.
(c) He strikes Coffee and throws him out.
(d) He tells Coffee he does not have the authority to grant his request.

3. What is Anne's marital status now?
(a) She is divorced.
(b) She is separated.
(c) She has never married.
(d) She is widowed.

4. What is the best approach to secure the answer to #114?
(a) The promise of an opportunity to do good
(b) The promise of a good salary
(c) The promise of stock options
(d) The promise of a country club membership

5. What leads Jack to believe that Judge Irwin got a huge influx of cash at some point?
(a) The judge builds a brand new home.
(b) The judge buys priceless art.
(c) The judge refurnishes his home in antiques.
(d) The judge pays off his $44,000 mortgage in 1914.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Judge Irwin's second wife?

2. What prompts Jack to take this trip?

3. Who confirms the fact that Anne is having an affair with Willie?

4. Why does Anne call and want to see Jack?

5. Who tells Jack that Anne is having an affair with Willie?

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