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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Cass Mastern?
(a) The topic of Jack's dissertation for the Ph.D. in History
(b) Jack's landlord during college
(c) Jack's high school football coach
(d) Jack's favorite history professor

2. Who becomes Willie's campaign manager?
(a) Tiny Duffy
(b) Sugar Boy
(c) Judge Irwin
(d) Jack Burden

3. How did Cass die?
(a) In the Battle of Gettysburg
(b) In a military hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864
(c) From cancer
(d) Of old age

4. In what year does Willie first run for governor?
(a) 1930
(b) 1926
(c) 1934
(d) 1922

5. Where does Annabelle take Phebe to be sold?
(a) Lexington
(b) Owensboro
(c) Paducah
(d) Louisville

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Judge Irwin's response to Willie's request?

2. How does Jack come in contact with Cass Mastern?

3. What happens during a fire drill at the school two years after it is constructed?

4. Who takes over as Jack's father after Jack's father leaves?

5. How can Willie be confident in his position?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast the funerals for Willie and Adam.

2. Why is the move to hire Adam Stanton as the administrator of Willie's new hospital so out of character for Willie?

3. Briefly explain the Mastern family story.

4. What leads Jack to explore the judge's interest in the American Electric Power Company?

5. What is the author's purpose of sending Jack on a road trip?

6. What purpose does Chapter 4 serve for the novel?

7. How is Willie's physical presence described by the author?

8. What is the reason that Willie's wife, Lucy, is leaving him?

9. What happens at the school two years after the new school is built?q

10. What does the new hospital symbolize for Willie?

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