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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Dolph Pillsbury connected to the troubles with the brick kiln?
(a) Pillsbury's brother-in-law owns the kiln and Pillsbury is suspected of getting kickbacks on the school job.
(b) Pillsbury used to make bricks for the kiln company.
(c) Pillsbury is a major investor in the kiln business.
(d) Pillsbury used to do the accounting for the kiln company.

2. What story does Jack's editor want Jack to get?
(a) The Mason City Fourth of July Celebration
(b) The Mason City Labor Day Beauty Pageant
(c) The politics involved in a construction contract award
(d) The fire at the Mason City Elementary School

3. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?
(a) How much Lucy has overextended her wardrobe budget
(b) How much money Lucy is spending to decorate the governor's mansion
(c) How Lucy is raising their son, Tom
(d) How much weight Lucy seems to have gained recently

4. How far is Burden's Landing from Mason City?
(a) 130 miles
(b) 30 miles
(c) 100 miles
(d) 33 miles

5. Who is Cass Mastern?
(a) The topic of Jack's dissertation for the Ph.D. in History
(b) Jack's high school football coach
(c) Jack's favorite history professor
(d) Jack's landlord during college

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Willie lose when he runs for reelection?

2. What happens to Willie's career in April of 1933?

3. How does Willie benefit from what happens at the school fire drill?

4. What does Willie order when everyone else orders beer?

5. Who were Jack's childhood friends?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in Chapter 8 to make Adam want to resign as director of the hospital?

2. How does Willie's standard manipulative behavior exhibit in Chapter 8?

3. Under what circumstances did Jack's parents meet?

4. Why does the author have Jack return home from California?

5. To whom is the construction contract awarded and why?

6. What negative trait of Willie's is verified by Willie's behavior in the White impeachment scandal?

7. What personal connection does Jack find to Cass Mastern during his research?

8. What potential issues surround the contract being awarded to J.H. Moore?

9. What is the major point of contention between Willie and Lucy about their son, Tom?

10. How does Judge Irwin react when he sees Jack and Willie at his home?

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