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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kinds of stories are surfacing at the newspaper office, The Chronicle?
(a) Stories about environmental issues
(b) Stories about prohibition
(c) Stories about segregation
(d) Stories about corruption in county courthouses

2. What does Annabelle do when she sees Cass after her husband's death?
(a) She tells Cass to leave.
(b) She puts her husband's wedding ring on Cass.
(c) She throws herself at Cass in grief.
(d) She faints.

3. What does Willie want for his son, Tom?
(a) He wants him to go to Harvard or Yale and become a lawyer.
(b) He wants him to marry a nice girl and settle down in Mason City.
(c) He wants him to become a professional baseball player.
(d) He wants him to be a part of all the excitement of Willie's administration.

4. What do Willie and Jack do with Willie's father?
(a) They go hunting.
(b) They play cards.
(c) They listen to the radio.
(d) They eat dinner.

5. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?
(a) How much Lucy has overextended her wardrobe budget
(b) How much money Lucy is spending to decorate the governor's mansion
(c) How much weight Lucy seems to have gained recently
(d) How Lucy is raising their son, Tom

Short Answer Questions

1. How many husbands has Mrs. Burden had?

2. Gilbert sends Lavinia to an expensive school in Atlanta and _____________________________.

3. What is the topic of Jack's dissertation?

4. What does the answer to #45 reveal to Willie?

5. What does Willie do after he loses the election?

Short Essay Questions

1. What twist of fate changes public perception of Willie Stark?

2. What negative trait of Willie's is verified by Willie's behavior in the White impeachment scandal?

3. When is Jack able to leave California and return home?

4. How does the author indicate that Willie is against drinking alcohol?

5. What is the author's purpose for beginning the novel in the way he does?

6. How does Judge Irwin react when he sees Jack and Willie at his home?

7. What does Jack recall about his childhood at the beginning of Chapter 3?

8. What happens at the school two years after the new school is built?q

9. How is the relationship between Willie and Adam solidified?

10. What had happened to Anne after she breaks up with Jack and graduates college?

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