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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Annabelle take Phebe to be sold?
(a) Louisville
(b) Owensboro
(c) Lexington
(d) Paducah

2. To what college does Gilbert send Cass?
(a) Princeton University in New Jersey
(b) Transylvania University in Kentucky
(c) Yale University in Connecticut
(d) Harvard University in Massachusetts

3. What does Gilbert do after he runs away from home?
(a) He runs to Canada to hide out.
(b) He goes to California and starts a winery.
(c) He goes to Mississippi and becomes a wealthy cotton baron.
(d) He becomes a decorated Civil War general.

4. Who befriends Willie to keep an eye on his campaign for the Harrison faction?
(a) Mrs. Pillsbury
(b) Sadie Burke
(c) Anne Stanton
(d) Lucille MacMurfee

5. Gilbert sends Lavinia to an expensive school in Atlanta and _____________________________.
(a) Sends for her at the holidays
(b) Sends Cass to West Point Academy
(c) Gets Cass a job in a bank
(d) Takes Cass with him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Annabelle do when she sees Cass after her husband's death?

2. What does the answer to #45 reveal to Willie?

3. What is Willie's wife's profession?

4. Why is Willie's wife, Lucy, leaving Willie?

5. When Jack returns to his office, he finds that ______________________________ have been begun for State Auditor, Byram B. White.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed in the literary technique does the author use at the beginning of Chapter 2?

2. What is the nature of Anne Stanton's depression?

3. Why does the author have Jack return home from California?

4. Jack takes an abrupt, unannounced trip to California after learning of Anne's affair with Willie. What consumes Jack's thoughts as he drives cross-country?

5. What does Jack discover when he digs into the school construction story?

6. Compare and contrast the funerals for Willie and Adam.

7. How do Willie's problem-solving tactics emerge after his son, Tom, has a car accident?

8. How does the author begin the story in the present time of 1936?

9. How does Jack reason out Judge Irwin's role in his childhood?

10. What does Anne give Jack as her reasons for having the affair with Willie?

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