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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what college does Gilbert send Cass?
(a) Harvard University in Massachusetts
(b) Yale University in Connecticut
(c) Transylvania University in Kentucky
(d) Princeton University in New Jersey

2. What does Willie do after he loses the election?
(a) He gets a job at the state finance department.
(b) He becomes a school teacher.
(c) He takes a much-deserved extended vacation.
(d) He works his farm and studies law.

3. What happens during a fire drill at the school two years after it is constructed?
(a) Someone pulls the fire alarm as a prank and is suspended for three weeks.
(b) The students and teachers are locked in the building.
(c) The brickwork collapses causing the deaths of three children and serious injury to a dozen more.
(d) The fire drill is actually a real fire and most of the children are overcome with smoke.

4. Where is Wille Stark's home town?
(a) Baton Rouge
(b) Biloxi
(c) Memphis
(d) Mason City

5. In what year does Willie first run for governor?
(a) 1926
(b) 1934
(c) 1930
(d) 1922

Short Answer Questions

1. During dinner at the judge's home one night in 1933, what topic comes up as part of the conversation?

2. What surprising twist occurs at Willie's next speech?

3. Who were Jack's childhood friends?

4. Willie Stark is known as ______________.

5. What do Jack and Judge Irwin make while Jack is growing up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Jack have any contact with his real father now?

2. What is Willie's reaction when Judge Irwin refuses to support a man Willie has chosen for a senate nomination?

3. To whom is the construction contract awarded and why?

4. How does Judge Irwin react when he sees Jack and Willie at his home?

5. What conflicting information about Judge Irwin's financial history?

6. How does Willie re-enter political life?

7. What does Jack recall about his childhood at the beginning of Chapter 3?

8. Under what circumstances did Jack's parents meet?

9. Explain Anne's pattern of not committing to any permanent relationship in her life.

10. How does Jack come to learn about the Mastern family?

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