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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?
(a) How much money Lucy is spending to decorate the governor's mansion
(b) How much Lucy has overextended her wardrobe budget
(c) How Lucy is raising their son, Tom
(d) How much weight Lucy seems to have gained recently

2. Who becomes Willie's campaign manager?
(a) Sugar Boy
(b) Tiny Duffy
(c) Judge Irwin
(d) Jack Burden

3. What does Willie tell Jack that he is going to build?
(a) A new state courthouse
(b) A monument in his likeness
(c) A free hospital and health center
(d) A new civic center

4. What is Willie's wife's profession?
(a) Nurse
(b) Court reporter
(c) School teacher
(d) Secretary

5. Who is the narrator of the story?
(a) Willie Stark
(b) Jack Burden
(c) Anne Stanton
(d) Adam Stanton

Short Answer Questions

1. In a flashback, what does the author reveal about Jack's father?

2. In what year does the story begin?

3. What does Jack Burden carry with him?

4. In what year does Willie first run for governor?

5. Willie Stark is known as ______________.

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