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Rick Bragg
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Short Answer Questions

1. In writing about sports, what did Rick come to realize were the only types of stories that he wanted to write?

2. What overall statement did Rick make about Miami?

3. What are the cemeteries like in Haiti?

4. Where did Sam end up finding his career?

5. What did Sam let Rick do when they finally went fishing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Margaret's experience traveling to New York City like?

2. What gifts did Rick give his mother after he became a successful journalist, and what gift did he want to give his mother? How did he feel about these gifts?

3. Who was the Serial Diner, and what did he teach Rick?

4. At the early age of twenty where was Rick writing and what was he writing about?

5. What was the Susan Smith story that Rick covered?

6. What did Rick experience when he first returned to the South as the Southern Correspondent for the New York Times?

7. What did Rick find on his second visit to Haiti?

8. What comparisons did Rick make between himself and his father? How did he feel about the comparisons?

9. Why did momma move out of the new house?

10. Why did Rick never drink alone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Margaret had some small pictures of Charles which Rick looked at now and again as a boy. At one point he said, "It hurts my eyes to look at them for long." Explain the quote in regard to Rick's relationship to his father.

Essay Topic 2

What did Rick truly believe about his father and the type of person he once was and the type of person he became? What changed his father? Why did Rick choose to believe this?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the three brothers. How do their differences affect the choices that they make in life?

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