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Rick Bragg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the redbird do that makes Rick question life?
(a) It attacked its own reflection.
(b) It threw its baby from the nest.
(c) It hurled itself into a pool.
(d) It flew into a glass door.

2. In general, how did Rick Bragg feel about religion as he always had?
(a) He is apathetic about it.
(b) He is fervent about it.
(c) He believes it is detrimental.
(d) He never found the joy of it as he had seen others have.

3. How did Rick view his time in high school?
(a) He learned a lot from it.
(b) He wasted it.
(c) He worked too hard at his job to take time for it.
(d) He worked hard at it.

4. What was Margaret's first real toy?
(a) A wooden turtle on a string.
(b) A doll.
(c) A stuffed bear.
(d) A red wagon.

5. What did Aunt Gracie tell the children that the chicken was that was cooking?
(a) Crow.
(b) Eel.
(c) Buzzard.
(d) Pidgeon.

6. What is the last line of the Prologue?
(a) "God help me, Momma, if I am clumsy."
(b) "I forgive you, Papa."
(c) "Forgive me Momma."
(d) "Do you hear me, grandma?"

7. What kind of a man is Rick's brother, Mark?
(a) Hard worker.
(b) Criminal.
(c) Family man.
(d) Hard drinker and fighter.

8. Why was Rick rushed to the hospital as a young boy?
(a) He sucked a plastic berry up his nose.
(b) He fell out of a tree and broke his leg.
(c) He fell into the hole in the outhouse and broke his arm.
(d) He punched his brother and broke his hand.

9. How did Charles kill the assassin in Korea?
(a) He shot him.
(b) He strangled him.
(c) He drowned him.
(d) He stabbed him.

10. What did Rick's grandmother die from?
(a) Kidney failure.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Heart failure.
(d) Pneumonia.

11. What did Rick see at church that he stated was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen?
(a) A healing.
(b) A soul being saved.
(c) A baptism.
(d) A child singing a hymn.

12. How does Rick describe the area in which his parents were born and raised?
(a) The poor Old South.
(b) The land of poor churches.
(c) The monied South.
(d) Bible country.

13. Where did Margaret take the children to find "treasure"?
(a) The dump.
(b) Neighbors trash bins.
(c) Store trash bins.
(d) Restaurant trash bins.

14. What crime did John Sparks commit?
(a) Arson.
(b) Rape.
(c) Murder.
(d) Theft.

15. What did the box contain that Rick's father gave to him on his last visit?
(a) Ammunition.
(b) Car magazines.
(c) Classical literature.
(d) Dirty books.

Short Answer Questions

1. What bet did Uncle Jimbo win for twenty dollars?

2. What did Margaret mean when she told Sam and Mark that Rick is "travelin'"?

3. How long did Rick have the 1969 convertible?

4. How would Bobby Bragg fix his hip when it went out on him?

5. What does Rick say of the errors that occur in his story?

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