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Rick Bragg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What life lesson did Rick's mother teach him that he broke when he made fun of a boy for having lice?
(a) That poor people should be treated with extra care.
(b) That everyone deserves a certain amount of dignity.
(c) That everyone needs love.
(d) That no one should be laughed at.

2. What does Rick regret about his grandfather?
(a) That he wasn't there when he shot a woman through her breasts.
(b) That he didn't do better by his daughter.
(c) That he never met him.
(d) That he wasn't harder on his father.

3. When did Rick first meet his father?
(a) When he was five.
(b) When he was two.
(c) When he was ten.
(d) When he was fifteen.

4. What did Aunt Gracie tell the children that the chicken was that was cooking?
(a) Eel.
(b) Pidgeon.
(c) Crow.
(d) Buzzard.

5. What kind of a man is Rick's bother, Sam?
(a) Criminal.
(b) Hard drinker and fighter.
(c) Successful.
(d) Hard worker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What school did Rick attend at the age of 33?

2. What war was Rick's father in?

3. What made Rick finally write the book?

4. What happened to Mark in 1965 from which his father saved him?

5. What does Rick say about the book being called a memoir?

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