Daily Lessons for Teaching All Over but the Shoutin'

Rick Bragg
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



Rick tells a brief sketch of his family in the Prologue. He has a father and brother who drink. He comes from a very poor family in the true South. His grandparents, though good people, were no better off than his immediate family. Yet Rick finds a way to make a better life as a journalist. The objective is to understand the meaning of the title of the book.


1. Class Discussion: Much information is given to the reader in the Prologue. What do we know about Rick's childhood? What kind of a father did he have? Grandfather? What kind of family does his mother come from? What social class is he raised in? What career path does he chose? What does this career allow him to do about breaking the poverty cycle? What is the only thing left to do? What does the title...

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