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Edith Deen
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What day has been named as the feast day for Pilate's wife by the church that has made her a saint?
(a) December 15.
(b) October 27.
(c) April 9.
(d) August 18.

2. From where did the name Mary Magdalene originate?
(a) From a Greek word meaning beloved.
(b) From a Hebrew word meaning angel.
(c) From a Latin word meaning light.
(d) From Magdala, the Greek form of Migdol or Watchtower.

3. What illness did Simon Peter's mother-in-law have?
(a) A high fever.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Appendicitis.
(d) Pneumonia.

4. Why was the angel's message hard for Zacharias to believe?
(a) Zacharias didn't believe in miracles.
(b) Zacharias thought the message was a dream.
(c) Elisabeth was not young and was unable to conceive.
(d) Zacharias didn't believe in angels.

5. What healed the woman with the issue of blood?
(a) Jesus touching her brow.
(b) Jesus touching her hand.
(c) Drinking some water that Jesus blessed.
(d) Touching the hem of Jesus' garment.

Short Answer Questions

1. From how many demons did Jesus heal Mary Magdalene?

2. What famous son did Manoah's wife bear?

3. With what color hair have master painters depicted Mary Magdalene?

4. What message did the angel give Zacharias and Elisabeth?

5. Which of the following women was not an idol worshiper?

Short Essay Questions

1. What miracle did Elisha perform with a poor widow's oil?

2. What was Elisabeth's relationship to Mary the mother of Jesus, and what parallels did each woman have in the birth of their children?

3. What message did the angel Gabriel give Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth, and what happened to Zacharias when he didn't believe the angel's message?

4. What role did Philip's daughters have in their father's ministry?

5. What illness did Simon Peter's mother-in-law develop, and how did Jesus heal her?

6. Who was Anna, and what role did she have in Christ's life?

7. Who was Keturah?

8. From what affliction did Christ heal Mary Magdalene, and what other possible explanation does Edith Deen say commentators have given for this affliction?

9. What did the wise woman of Tekoah influence King David to do?

10. How did a dream about Christ affect Pontius Pilate's wife Claudia, and what did she advise her husband to do as a result?

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